WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/ Seismic load bearing steel beam column joint

In may parts of the world the earthquake is letting the people die. The occurrence of earthquake is one part whereas the major part of disaster is done by the wrong constructed buildings. The Nepal disaster and after that periodic occurrence of earthquake in North Indian Region is a matter of great concern. We need to upgrade our self and make our construction practices according to the disaster which is expected to come.

But the earthquake resistant technologies such as base isolation is so uneconomical that a normal person in India cannot afford it for his or her two or three story buildings. And with due advancement we bee to increase the speed of construction. Hence using steel beams and columns is a great idea for construction of two or three story houses. but again to safeguard the house and other steel structures we need to find an economical solution. And the solution is the Seismic load bearing connections of steel beams and columns.

The structure will sustain the earthquake load only if its beam column joints are sustained. now this is where the point comes on discussion.