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Think & Grow


I want to share my idea with regard to empowerment of digital governance. My main focus is primary sector, startup companies and young entrepreneurs who want to do something in their lives but struggle due to lack of resources. 


There will be a national portal which allows users to get register using a single account via email or phone verification, & we will provide him authority to buy, sell, promote their goods services via a common platform, farmers are free to sell their products like rice, wheat, foods etc. online, we also provide & integrate social networking like structure in the same portal so that they can easily communicate with other users of portal & discusses new ways to promote their goods, there is also an option for startup as well as well grown enterprises, young entrepreneurs & startup companies can share their views & ideas which they feel & big companies can utilize their talent in implementation, in this way big companies get talented man power & young generation will get an opportunity to show their talent & make their life better.


 Main Focus:

i)                   Seller account & user management

ii)                 App development for Android, windows & ios platform

iii)               Affiliate program for promotion of program

User Accounts & privileges:

i)                   Buyer account – have permission to buy products, he can also opt to sell products but must be updated to seller account by providing essential details like banck account details, NEFT etc. for easy transfer of fund from portal to user account.

ii)                 Seller account – have permission to access all services.

iii)               Moderator – have privilege to moderate products posted by users & approve according to the guidelines of portal, if any product found inappropriate with respect to guidelines, necessary action will be taken by moderator.

iv)               Author – have privilege to buy products as well as can post his thoughts & articles in form of column.

v)                 Content manager – responsible for maintenance of content like ads & necessary information on site.

vi)               Admin – responsible for working of portal have all privilege & authority.

Benefits to Market:

i)                   Primary market: approx. 70% of Indian population is involved In primary sector (farmers).

ii)                 Startup, Small & Medium Enterprises: this portal will help them to grow up.

iii)               Ad agencies : generate clients for them

iv)               Educational institute: can share their content for online training program free or with some charge.

v)                 Tie-up organization: need to tie up with NGO – to reach at root level & logistics- to transfer products from one location to other.

Main Body:

Technology: Portal will be developed in php, javascript, css & html.

Information will be spread to user via sms alert & email alert regarding their product & services.

Payment module:

If a user purchase a product from portal the amount will be allocated for both seller & portal as described below:

Buyer ->(pays 100) payement gateway (keeps 5 as transaction charge) ->(pays 95) portal(keeps 5 as service charge) -> (pays 90 to user after buyer product delivery conformation)seller account.


It will be helpful in many ways to different sections of society starting from farmers to businessman & generates employment for all who are capable of, we can also include online training module along with portal.