WikiConference India 2011/Submissions/Wikipedia as a Reference Tool for Postgraduate Study

10:11, 2 August 2011 (UTC)
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Wikipedia as a Reference Tool for Postgraduate Study
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Syed Muzammiluddin
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India/Andhra Pradesh
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The Presentation consists of the following topics:

  • Description of a Reference Tool

  • Characteristics of Postgraduate Courses

  • Academic Needs of Post Graduation

  • Students and their approach in the internet era

  • Some Popular Academic Websites

  • Popularity & Significance of Wikipedia

  • Wikipedia Advantage for Students

  • Some Issues of Concern

  • Wikipedia’s Self Corrective Mechanism

  • Best use of Wikipedia for the Students.

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Picture of this Presentation taking place during the First Wiki Conference India 2011

Syed Muzammiluddin delivering the Presentation 'Wikipedia as a Reference Tool for Postgraduate Study' during the First Wiki Conference India at the University of Mumbai.

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"Wiki-world targets India" by Raja Murthy, Asia Times, Nov 19, 2011.