WikiCamp in Esino Lario

Vedi in italiano

Period: 3-7, 10-14 July - 2 groups - 9:00-12:00

Location: Esino Lario primary school


  • Classroom with computers and a good Internet connection
  • Wikipedia cheatsheet: example in Italian
  • Books or turistic guides; a selection of websites usables as sources
  • Blackboard or whiteboard
  • Paper, pancils and rubbers
  • Cameras or smartphones


Monday - Vikidia 1Edit

  • User registration
  • Introduction:
    • What is an encyclopedia
    • How to compare the sources
    • How to rework a text
  • Vikidia:
    • What is Vikidia and who can contribute
    • How to write an article
    • Introduction to wikitext (with exercises in sandboxes)
      • Internal and external links
      • Sections
      • Bold and italic
      • Bulleted and numbered lists
      • Footnotes
      • User signature (with test in the teacher's discussion page)
  • Start of the contribution:
    • Selection of one or more articles to create/improve, based on the available sources and on the participants' preferences
    • Start of an article in the user's Sandbox

Tuesday - OpenStreetMapEdit

  • Preparation:
    • Making printed maps of the surrounding area with Field Papers
    • Material: paper, pencils and rubbers
  • In classroom:
    • Short introduction to OpenStreetMap and user registration
  • Outing:
    • Survey of the elements on the territory and still missing on the OSM map (buildings, parks, trees, banches, hedges, street lamps, trash bins, civic numbers, etc.), marking them on the printed maps with symbols chosen by the participants (remember the legenda!)
  • In classroom:
    • Start of the tutorial OSM with the iD editor
    • Return of the collected data in OSM with the iD editor

Wednesday - WikivoyageEdit

  • Selection of one or more articles or itineraries to create/improve based on the available sources and on the participants' preferences
  • Start of an article or itinerary with images and georeferencing of the informations

Thursday - Wikimedia CommonsEdit

  • Material: cameras of smartphones
  • In classroom:
    • User registration
    • " How can I use images from the Internet?"
    • Short introduction to Wikimedia Commons and the correct attribution
  • Outing:
    • Take pictures of monuments and other thing in the surrounding area
  • In classroom:
    • File upload on Wikimedia Commons
    • Add photos on Vikidia or Wikipedia articles

Friday - Vikidia 2Edit

  • Continuation and conclusion of the contribution on Vikidia
  • Possible conclusion of other works in progress
  • Presentation of the work of the participants
  • Colletion of opinions and feedbacks about the WikiCamp by the participants