WikiBest - online game about comparing data quality between various languages of the Wikipedia. This non-commercial service is a part of the research on data quality in Wikipedia.[1][2][3]

Currently game allows to compare the data quality in infoboxes in 5 languages.[4][5][6] User must choose the best language version of infobox in 4 categories: the best quality, the best completeness, the best credibility, the best timeliness.

WikiBest game is designed to build algorithms for automatically comparing the quality of data between individual language versions of articles based on the decisions of users (players). To build such models, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques with additional measures will be used. It can help to choose more complete, credibile and timeliness information that could enrich other language versions of Wikipedia. Results of the WikiBest are also planned for use in other popular quality assessment projects Wikipedia articles in different languages.[7]

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