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What is WikiArabia?Edit

WikiArabia is a three days conference where participants from the Arab region expose their experiences and perspectives on Wikimedia projects in the Arab countries. The annual gathering of WikiArabia enthusiasts participating in many free and open projects, of which Wikipedia—the free encyclopedia is the largest. one year after the Monastir Conference, WikiArabia returns to Cairo. We will host talks about free culture, education, technology and many other topics. The event is open to everyone, experts, researchers, enthusiasts and curious people alike!

What is WikiArabia 2017 about?Edit

WikiArabia 2017 is not your usual conference: it will host a wide range of activities including master lectures, unconferences, workshops, a hackathon, quick meetings, encounters, regular chit-chat between wiki enthusiasts from around the world. It will be held in Egypt Cairo from October 23 through 25. There will be many events to attend and be part of!

Where do I register?Edit

Please Contact organizers

What should I bring?Edit

  • If you have one: a laptop and its charger,
  • Power adapters (North American—Type A or B),
  • Phone charger.

Emergency Phone Numbers in Egypt?Edit

  شرطة Police 122
  إسعافات Ambulance 123
  المطافئ Fire Dept 180
  طرقات Highway 136
  معلومات أخرى Others from


The electricity supply in Egypt is 220±0 volt / 50±0 hertz (Europlug, Schuko)

See More Mains electricity by country

Mobile ServiceEdit

Egypt has a reasonably modern telephone service including three GSM mobile service providers. The three mobile phone providers are

Principal centers are located at Alexandria, Cairo, Al Mansurah, Ismailia, Suez, and Tanta. Roaming services are provided, although you should check with your service provider. Also, it is possible to purchase tourist mobile phone lines for the duration of your stay, which usually costs around EGP30.

Internet access is easy to find and cheap. Most cities, such as Greater Cairo and Luxor, and even smaller tourist sites, such as Edfu, boast a plethora of small internet cafés. The price per hour is usually EGP2-10 depending on the location/speed. In addition, an increasing number of coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies and other locations now provide free wireless internet access. Free wi-fi (Mobilnil) is also available at modern coffee shops such as Cilantro and Costa Coffee, where you obtain access by getting a 2-hour "promotional" card from the waiter, and if you go into almost any McDonald's, you will have access to a free WiFi connection.

Note that free internet can be unsafe and under surveillance, try to use a proxy for your privacy.

Where can I find the materials & photos? Edit

Where can I find my country's embassy? Edit

Sources (adress phone etc ) issued from google search