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WikiWomen Camp 2023

1. What have I learned?

Participating in WikiWomen Camp 2023 is a valuable opportunity for me. During the three-day camp, I learned a lot. On the first day of our trip to India, I felt excited and nervous at the same time because a lot of what was happening at that time was new to me. On the second day of camp, the nervousness was there, but I was happy because a lot of people were new to me and I didn't know them. I see them only in the picture, and I have no idea about them, but with the help of Ma’am Dang, I overcame my nervousness. The organizers of Camp encouraged us to dance with them before starting their activity. At first, I was shy about joining them, but because of Ma’am Dang, I overcame my nervousness. One of the activities that I will never forget is when the speaker gives us a group activity. One of our topics at that time was gender sensitivity. Each one of us is sharing their experience, and I am so happy because of that activity. I have a chance to get to know them and be friends with them. On the second day of group activity, I'm so happy because Ma'am Dang is there; she was my groupmate that time, together with an Indonesian friend named Carma. The topic of our activity is that each one of us needs to share three things that are important in our lives. The three things that are important to me are: first, family, second, friends, and lastly, community. Because of the activity, I learned to be open to others. I realized that it's okay to feel nervous because it helps you to be strong.

2. What am I willing to share with my community?

I am willing to share with my community what I learned during the workshop, and one of the things I want to share is about gender sensitivity. Since I am on the Diversity Committee, where we advocate for women, this is one of the good topics that people should focus on. The gender gap topic is one of the interesting topics that need to be given attention and importance.

3. Were you able to think of an activity related to gender that can be done in your community? What is it?

The first thing that came to mind were women. One impactful activity could be organizing workshops or seminars in the community to raise awareness about gender equality, addressing stereotypes, and promoting inclusivity. This could include discussion on equal opportunities, challenging gender norms and fostering a more supportive and understanding environment for everyone. I became aware of the reality that women are not given much recognition by society. That's one of the things I learned in the workshop: to give value to women, let's stop the mindset that "because it's a woman." We are women, not just women, and we contribute a lot to the society we live in.

4. What is the importance of having this kind of conference?

Conferences serve as vital forums for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration. When it comes to specialized conferences, such as those focused on women, they play a crucial role in addressing gender disparities, promoting diversity, and fostering inclusivity. These events provide opportunities to discuss challenges, share insight and celebrate achievements within a specific context, contributing to overall advancement of gender equality. additionally , they can inspire and empower participants, fostering a sense of community and solidarity.