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Rinconada Wiktionary


Wiki Project: Rinconada Wiktionary Incubator

Start Date: November 22, 2023



The Rinconada Wiktionary Project is a long-term engagement and continues project which aims to preserve and share knowledge about Rinconada language around the Country. The project is currently under incubation which is needed to be supervise until its ready to hatch since its progress has been at steady state during the previous months (starting half of the month in September until October), due to preparation of words to be input and training has been finalized.

Limited time spent, manpower and prioritizing the said incubator lesser makes the progress to be minimal at the month of October to November as the team focusing on the other projects and events. However, there are still progress (where in an overall of 82 words is being added in the said wikiproject; some words have its corresponding meaning; 10 words has an audio voice using lingua libre; 78 words has its translation in English, Tagalog and Bicol Central).

Despite the lags and underperformances, the project is still on track to achieve and aim its goal to improve, update and input more words and information about Rinconada language. The language team is currently working on training the volunteers to add manpower that will be able to edits at the said wikiprojects and for future planning (events where more knowledge and information on Rinconada language gathered from different people specified to be a native or a Rinconada in dialect).

Activities and Outputs


Project Status: The project is still in incubation. The language team has made minimal progress inputting Rinconada words in Rinconada Wiktionary Incubator within the month of October – November (without exact date). Challenges specified such as lack of manpower and priorities must be addressed.

The goal for this quarter: The goal for this quarter is to improve and input more words in Rinconada Wiktionary Incubator with its audio voices, meaning and translations in English, Tagalog and Bicol Central. The team also working on adding man power thru trainings or capacity building.

Progress made this quarter: The language team have made little progress on inputting words on Rinconada Wiktionary Incubator, 82 words in total consist of meanings, 10 words with audio voices, 78 words with corresponding translation in English, Tagalog, and Bicol Central.

Challenges faced this quarter: One of the main challenges the language team encountered was lack of manpower that can able to edits in incubator and limited to one person only has the capacity to share information about Rinconada language that can be input in Rinconada Wiktionary. The team is working on both capacity building and gathering more data’s for improving and widening the knowledge or information that will become useful in future use.

Status Update

  • January 2024 - In January 2024, Rinconada Wiktionary has a total of 185 pages.
  • December 2023 - By December, 15 new words were added to this project.
  • November 2023 - At the initial development of the Rinconada Wiktionary, the team were able to create 105 new words.

Project Activity per Month