The project is aimed at community-driven translation dictionary for both professional and general-use words and phrases.

Some prototype can be seen at MaxKir.com wiki, the wiki-based dictionary specializing in translating software terms from English to Russian.

The key differences from the present Wiktionary are:

  • focus on translation to other language (and on definition in the other language) rather than on definition in the same language
  • focus on quotations and 'wild-life' examples demonstrating usage and meaning in real contexts
  • focus on area of use: for every professional area, discussion (and even area?) may be different -- possibly with some common sections

The reasons why it would be more efficient to run on Wikimedia instead of separated professional resources are:

  • large audience
  • collaboration across professional areas
  • reliable storage with clear rules re copyrights
  • commitment to supporting community-driven effort

Page templateEdit

English termEdit

1. (profession1) translation11, translation12

definition1 in Russian
wild-life examples and translations for them
discussion on meaning1

Typical combinations:

1.1 combination1 translation

1.2 combination2

2. (profession2) translation21, translation22

definition2 in Russian
wild-life examples and translations for them
discussion on meaning2

Page exampleEdit


1. (программирование) проектирование, разработка архитектуры

by design: по построению; исходя из устройства

2. (креатив) внешний вид, дизайн, оформление


--DenisYurkin 15:31, 25 Aug 2004 (UTC)