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Welcome to Wikipedia! Wikipedia is an international, multilingual collaborative project whose goal is to produce an interlinked open content, neutral and complete encyclopedia from scratch in every language. We started in January 2001 with just the English Wikipedia and no articles and are now working on Template:NUMBER-OF-ARTICLES-ALL-LANGUAGES articles in Template:NUMBER-OF-LANGUAGES different languages and we are adding new articles and new langages all the time.

All content in Wikipedia is open content in the spirit of open source and free software. To make sure that all content in all languages presented here is forever free, we use the GNU Free Documentation License.

Wikipedia is open to contributions by anyone who shares our vision of creating a neutral, open, and free encyclopedia. We are also a wiki, so you can edit any article in any language at any time without even logging-in.

Below you will find welcome messages and links to each of our active Wikipedia language projects.

Willkommen zur Wikipedia!

Wir arbeiten auf 5760 Artikeln bei:

Deutsche Wikipedia

Bienvenue au Wikipedia!

Nous travaillons `a 9242 articles `a:

Wikipedia Français

Welcome to Wikipedia!

We are working on 116077 articles at:

English Wikipedia

Bonvenon al la Vikipedio!

We are working on 3047 articles at:

Wikipedia Esperanto

!Bienvenidos a Wikipedia!

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Wikipedia Español

Boa vinda ao Wikipedia!

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