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Event information

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group Online Meetup

  • When:  to
  • Location: Jit.si link
  • Who: West Bengal Wikimedians
  • URL: Etherpad
  • Agenda edit

    • Share your ongoing online works in last couple of months.
    • Planning for some user group activities.
    • বাংলা উইকিতে ভারতের রাজ্যগুলির কোভিড-১৯ নিবন্ধ নেই (দিল্লি ও কলকাতা বাদে)। সকলে মিলে সেগুলি অনুবাদ করা যায়?
    • এই বছরের মধ্যে কি আমরা ভারতের সব জেলার নিবন্ধ তৈরি করা শেষ করতে পারি? (আর ২০০'র মত বাকী)

    Discussion edit


    Date: 7.5.2020

    Jayanta Indrajit Tarun Ananya Bodhi Pinaki Prachatos Rajeev Mourya


    Jayanta: Will user group comment on Universal Code of Conduct https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Universal_Code_of_Conduct

    Indrajit: we have other works to do

    Prachatos: doesnt matter as WMF will not care

    Jayanta: we should give negative comments

    Bodhi: agreed with Prachatos, but also Jayantada has point. will do what everybody agrees

    Indra: we can give individual comments, but user groups are focused on other things,

    Indrajit: Does not match with all cultures

    Jayanta: UG will then not officially comment

    Share online work

    Bodhi: Rabimas, Rabindrasangeet on WD

    Tarun: articles on Uttam Kumar, proofreadathon

    Indrajit: COVID images, WD: Kolkata roads, ponds, Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar, non-flm music

    Pinaki: need training for Wikisource, will work on Prabasi, Jayantada will give training https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Indic_Wikisource_Helpdesk/Skill_sharing

    Jayantada: mail me for 1:1 training

    Ananya: proofreadathon, college related data

    Prachatos: will end scraping of the museum data by weekend

    Mourya: difficulty in creating template, need some help

    Rajeev: cant do anything, Syberthon: mentorship for Wikipedia cyber securities articles

    User Group workplan

    Indrajit: Wikiproject India on Commons, update data related work on Wikidata, webinar on Commons, online labelathon for Kolkata related data

    Jayanta: relicensing, book scan

    Bodhi: Rabimas

    Next meeting after 1-2 weeks