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West Bengal Wikimedians User Group Online Meetup

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  • Who: West Bengal Wikimedians
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    Date: 10.02.2019 Participants

    • Bodhisattwa
    • Tito
    • Ananya
    • Rajeeb
    • Shuvendu
    • Tanay
    • Prachatos
    • Rocky
    • Mourya
    • Jayanta Nath

    We just started our first online meet-up with Bodhisattwa and all participants will give updates about their work for Wikimedia projects.


       Bengali Wikipedia - butterfly articles
       WLB : North East - Tripura, Assam, Meghalay, Arunachal
       112 valued images
       45 quality images
       31st March - grant ends, continue if possible for next phase., or complete the previous phase


     SVG grapghics workshop: to conduct workshop in Kolkata    
     Hindi Sammelan: to conduct workshop about svg, because noone was present in the Delhi workshop. svg translation - acting as coordinator, online workshop may be next week, offline workshop if possible if budget permits, Wikisource and Wikidata. 
     TWL: offline event in Kolkata, branch office with collaboration with local library, to include Wikisource, scanning books in Maharashtra, same work as done in Wikisource
     WLL: Sumitadi and Shuvendu is there
     Wiki Education: plan for an offline event in Kolkata

    Q: Tito: where in Kolkata? R: Any school in Kolkata like Nigeria

    to plan for Indigenious language, Santali in West Bengal


           Wikidata: Target: 1 Million Label, Bengali is leading in labels, Not soing anything in Bengali Wikipedia and Bengali Wikisource, 
           Mini TTT: will discuss later
           Women TTT and TTT in Punjab
           Main TTT: possible not in April
           Wikipedia Education Program: SAARC level
     Wikidata: to complete village data and return to Wikipedia
         Wikidata: Census work is going on, Railway staion updation done, will be working on database on varied domains on West Bengal. 
         Wikisource activity is stopped as of now.
         Usergroup: Report/Grant.

    Tito: Monthly meetup is very important, as physical meetup is not happening, 2nd Sunday of each month, to prioritize monthly meetup as a highest priority.

           Wikidata Wikiproject West Bengal https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikiProject_West_Bengal Join
           To create a monthly newsletter
           Ananya: is it feasible?
           Tito: I can guarantee for 4 months, I will publish any update, to increase connection, after meetup., start from February.
           Representative member: no application
             Bodhisattwa: Discussion on bylaws
             Bylaws was discussed in a meeting, to govern and decentralise the decision making position

    There are 4 types of members. Representative members will represent the user group.

           Tito: West Bengal TTT: 
           Mourya: to conduct in Kolkata, logistically better position
           Tito: Why not Kolkata? because we dont want a capital oriented event logistical problem will be handled by CIS
           Mourya: No objection then, no community in Durgapur, so ...
           Tito: We are thinking outside of Kolkata, to bring editors from districts.
           Jayanta: update: Durgapur hotel, logistics is ready, if date is confirmed, then I can go ahead.
           Tito: 2-3/9-10/16-17 March, 
                   2-3 March - clashing with Project Tiger national event
                   9-10 March - 
           Bodhisattwa, Jayanta, Rajeeb: 9-10 March (final), update in village pump
           Shubhendu: there needs to be some critera , 
           Tito: edit count, user group activity, bylaws, current active members
           Mourya: to call someone from Academia,
           Tito: representative member will decide
           Mourya: will compose mail.
           Tito: difficult to bring from other states and countries
           Rajeeb: comment on bylaws, why online editing is important? and why Wikidata manual editing without bots/tool and Wiki outreach workshops contributions will not be counted?
           Bodhisattwa one can not be a representative member unless there is strong online work. As bot editing and mass editing cannot be differentiated in Wikidata, we are not including Wikidata right now. May be for future. 
           Mourya: we should have representation from Bengali language.
           Bodhisattwa: 3 out of 5 Representative Committee members should be from Bengali, as per Bylaws
           Tito:This is West Bengal Wikimedians, not Bengali Wikimedians.
           Tanveer: Hi!
           Tito: we are 9 minutes late. so, we can conclude now..