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New projects
A great deal has been written and said about Wikinews, almost rivaling the total amount of content written for the project since it began in November. Some love it, Some hate it. All in all, it has acquired around 200 articles, along with a fair bit of on-wiki policy debate and a core group of 8 or 10 active contributors. See how full article about it below.

Quick reports from the projects
See the latest paper publication in progress in the Wikijunior report below.

In January 2005, the Wikipedia website changed its main page from the English main page to a multilingual portal showing all Wikipedia languages having over 100 articles, after more than two years of sporadic discussion.
When it was created, the English Wikipedia was located at www.wikipedia.org (originally www.wikipedia.com). Other languages were assigned domains based on ISO 639 language codes. The English Wikipedia was eventually moved in October 2002 to the appropriate domain for its language code, en.wikipedia.org, while the previous domains were set to redirect people to the correct location.
The move to create a portal was supported by the board and acclaimed by Wikipedians from other languages as long overdue and a true sign of the multilingual nature of the project. However, the change surprised a number of people and upset some users of the English Wikipedia who disliked the new arrangement. Read more of Michael Snow's report here.