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   Welcome to the second Wikimedia Foundation newsletter. Inside, you will find news about recent and future events; articles about the latest Wikimedia initiatives; and the thoughts and activities of our Board of Trustees and our founder, Jimmy Wales. You will also find current reports from the community projects, creative work, and thoughts from Larry Lessig.

    This fall saw a major increase in the visibility of the Wikimedia projects, thanks to a doubling in our server farm and our bandwidth usage; an excellent reception of the "one million article" press release; and growing attention to Wikipedia in an expanding circle of conferences and philanthropies, all bent on changing the world.

    The number of active projects has recently expanded; see information inside on Wikicommons, Wikispecies and Wikinews. In the coming months, we are preparing for a major Wikimedia conference in August in Frankfurt, Germany; see the Wikimania section on Page 6.

    Finally, thanks to the many fabulous writers, designers, artists, and translators who make this publication possible.