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Resolutions توسيع المجلس - ديسمبر 2007
This resolution planning to replace 2 board members and expanding the number of board members up to 11 was approved by vote (4 supports, 1 missing) on 22 December 2007.

مجلس مؤسسه ويكيميديا

resolved that: in the aftermath of the resignation of Michael Davis (effective October 31, 2007) and Erik Moëller (effective December 15, 2007), the board confirms its will to replace the two former board members, as well as its commitment to expand the number of members on the board of directors at the earliest convenience, up to a number of 11 members maximum. Due to its commitment to involve members from the community, at least half of the new members will be appointed for a term ending at the next board elections, in June 2008.

4 approval. 1 missing (Jan-Bart)