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Removing a template from a page using the VisualEditor
Status Deployed to first group of wikis
Focus area Templates
Phabricator phab:T274263
Responsible Technical Wishes Team

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Current problemsEdit

When using the VisualEditor it’s not easy to remove a template from a page. In edit mode, users expect to click on the template, and see a “delete” option next to the “edit” option, as is currently the case  for tables. Instead, a user needs to know that they can select a template and press the Backspace/delete key; this functionality is not widely known.

Removing a template from a page. Note: This is a draft.

Planned implementationEdit

While in the VisualEditor’s edit mode, a context menu will pop up when you select a template within an article. At this point you can only select  “edit”. Once this improvement is implemented, you will see the “delete” option next to the “edit” option.

Status and next stepsEdit

  •   Done: July 12, 2021: Deployment on German, Greek, Malay, Twi, French, Hungarian, Turkish, Hebrew and Finnish Wikipedia and on English Wikivoyage and Nauruan Wiktionary