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WMDE Technical Wishes/Meetings

Technical Wishes feedback corner at Wikicon 2017
At Tech on Tour, contributors and software people meet and discuss technical needs & requirements.
(New) Developers and Mediawiki - results from the session at the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017
Wikimania Hackathon 2017: We were there, too :-)
Presentation of the work around Technical Wishes at the Wikimedia Conference 2017
Tech on Tour in Berlin 2017: Presentation on how to collaboratively work on wishes

A list of meetings, workshops, talks, discussions ... related to the Technical Wishes Project, technical collaboration and/or community centered software development in the past and near future:

Upcoming eventsEdit

Regular meetingsEdit

Technical Advice IRC MeetingEdit

The Technical Advice IRC Meeting is an offer for all volunteer developers. If you get stuck with your project, need feedback or want to know who the best contact for your issue is: Join us on #wikimedia-tech every Wednesday at 4 pm UTC.

Past eventsEdit

WikiCon 2018 in St. GallenEdit

Wikimania 2018 in CapetownEdit

Wikimedia Hackathon 2018 in BarcelonaEdit

Developer Summit 2018Edit

DiversityCon 2017 in StockholmEdit

Wikicon 2017 in LeipzigEdit

Wikimania 2017 in MontrealEdit

Tech on Tour 2017Edit

To kick off the 2017 technical wishes survey, we went on tour through Germany and Austria: In 5 cities contributors and software developers met to discuss, frame and submitt technical wishes to the 2017 survey.

Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 in ViennaEdit

Wikimedia Conference 2017 in BerlinEdit

Developer Summit 2017 in San FranciscoEdit

Workshop serie on advanced search in 2016Edit

The workshop serie on advanced search took place in 3 different cities in Germany in autumn 2016.

Wikicon 2016 in StuttgartEdit

Wikimania 2016 in Esino LarioEdit

  • Edit conflict test session at the "edit conflicts and cookie corner" (a 2 hours long test session at the wmde booth in the community village)
  • Session at the Wikimania Hackathon: Improving the resolution of edit conflicts

Wikimedia Conference 2016 in BerlinEdit

Wikicon 2015 in DresdenEdit

Tech on Tour 2015Edit

  • Tech on Tour has been a serie of meetings in 5 different cities in Germany between March and May 2015. Besides talking about concrete technical needs, we were discussing the best methods to gather and prioritize technical needs of diverse users. The results of Tech on Tour 2015 became a part of the Technical Wishes Concept (PDF).

Wikicon 2014 in KölnEdit