WLAf 2015/Proposal by Uganda

WLAf 2015/Proposal by UgandaEdit

Proposal for Wiki Loves Africa in 2015



The Culture of Uganda is made up of a diverse range of ethnic groups, and tribes that speak different languages. Most of these tribes have different cultural fashions, for example the Kanzu and Gomesi are the most prominent fashion wear for Buganda/Baganda especially on most traditional functions like at wedding ceremonies during the introduction, also known as the Kwanjula.

We would like to consider more of the above for this year's Wiki Loves Africa Theme: Cultural Fashion and Adornment with other selected tribes in Uganda, covering:

  • cultural dress and fashion
  • local cultural influences
  • Cloth, styles, ways of wrapping and hanging.
  • Adornment: culturally defined jewellery, make-up, hairstyles, cloths and woven materials.

Possible ProgramsEdit

As mentioned above, we hope to reach out: involve new and diverse groups in the 4 different regions of Uganda. In addition, the focus here will be on previous active participants and those who can be able to make edits to Wikipedia/Wikimedia Projects, with a target of atleast 5 new active members from the activities below;

  • Week 1: Call out Wikipedians in Uganda - Kumusha Takes wiki, WLA 2014 & potential users.
  • Week 2: Prepare documentation, set targets, how to's, action and travel plan.
  • Week 3: Cultural institution 1
  • Week 4: Cultural institution 2
  • Week 5: Cultural institution 3
  • Week 6: Cultural institution 4
  • Week 7: Quality checks, Selection Process, and announcing winners
  • Week 8: Reporting/evaluation to WMF
  • Week 9: Project closure, wayforward, more wiki projects.

Details being expanded based on this Endorsement Plan for Uganda: [1]

Possible targets for local fundingEdit

Support from possible targets for local funding (in-kind or monetary)

Fruits of Thought has done extensive Open Street Mapping events through out Uganda over the last 4 years. With the experience from mapping Uganda, Fruits of Thought will provide key contacts of some of the potential participating groups for the success of this project, to the project team Members.

Fruits of Thought will also be willing to work together with the core team members to launch or publicise the project when it starts, at the upcoming mapping day event for 20+ University Students, more on this will be availed.

Further support from possible targets below will be specified in due course;

To encourage quality submissions, we hope to invite an expert before commencement of photo hunt activities, and during the selection process, from one of the following local photography groups, who are among the best in Uganda.


  • Number of participants, minimum: 10.
  • Number of uploads (photos, audio and video included): 700 - 800
  • Usage of the submitted Images: atleast 2 improved/created Wikipedia articles, 4 Months after the competition.
  • Number of new users: 5
  • Involvement of a National cultural figure, fashion house or designer.

Core Team MembersEdit

  1. Erina Mukuta - Wikimedia User Group Uganda
  2. Mulumba Ivan Matthias - Wikimedia User Group Uganda
  3. Ssebaggala Douglas - Wikimedia User Group Uganda


Provisional Events and Communications Budget
Item Quantity Unit Cost USD Total Cost USD
Voice and Data 7 9 63
Press 1 50 50
A3 Posters 5 1 5
Stickers 10 0.2 2
Pull Up Banner 1 100 100
Photo Hunt Party 6 63 378
T-Shirts 10 8 80
Transport 7 20 140
Miscellaneous 1 2 2
Total - - 820