NOTE: WINOR is discontinued, permanently. Dead. Buried. Neither executables nor source exist anymore. Do not ask me for either, as I do not have them. --Magnus Manske 19:15, 30 January 2006 (UTC)

WINOR reportedly is an offline reader with the letters jokingly standing for WINOR is no offline reader.

by Magnus Manske

This will some day be an offline reader (and maybe editor) for wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( ).


Download it ( ) (404 as of 23:00, 1 Feb 2005 (UTC))

Just the source, though.

also availible at (yes the download comes with the extention .bin for some reason but it does give a valid zip)


You can setup a recent version of all articles for several language by downloading them from the Internet. If you got a CD-ROM copy, and you don't need up-to-the-week articles, you can skip these steps.


Before you can read wikipedia offline, you need to get your hands on a copy of the wikipedia database (usually called "SQL dump"). You can get a recent SQL dump at
  • The file will be in "BZIP" format for faster download. Once you downloaded it, you will have to unzip it (WinZip will do).
  • The result should be a file called "cur_table.sql", which can be several hundred MB, depending on the language you downloaded.
  • If you plan to install several languages, you should rename the file to "cur_table_XX.sql", where XX is the language code (e.g., DE for German).
  • Copy the .sql file(s) into the same directory that contains WINOL.exe


The .sql files need to be indexed once for each language. It goes like this:

  1. Run winol.exe
  2. Under "Tools", choose "Index SQL dump"
  3. In the file dialog, choose the sql file for the language you're currently in (see "browse articles" for how to change the language)
  4. Wait (up to 5 min, depending to your computer). When finished, it will tell you how many articles have been indexed once it is finished.


You can convert wikicode into giant HTML files, with 1000 articles each:

  1. Under "Tools", choose "Make HTML files"
  2. Wait! Files will be generated in "genesis" subfolder


Just start winol.exe. If you have indexed the sql files (see above), or if you're using a CD-ROM based version, you should see the main page of the (English) wikipedia. To browse other languages, create a link to winol.exe, and add the desired language code as a parameter (e.g., "..\winol.exe de").

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I'm starting an effort to do local viewing on Emacs. Later, may extend to do editing.