WikiData Free Image Search Tool (WDFIST) allows you to easily add images to Wikidata items that lack one.

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  1. Configure your request, push the "Run" button, wait for a few seconds to a minute, and you are presented with a table.
  2. Each row of this table has a Wikidata item on the left, and one or more images on the right. If needed, to familiarize yourself with the subject click on the Wikidata item and the Wikipedia articles linked from Wikidata.
  3. If one of the images is a good representation of the item, put your mouse over it and click "Add as image".

Tip: Items around youEdit

Adding images to Wikidata items around you (or your travel destination) is a great thing to do before going on a photographing expedition with Wiki ShootMe! or the Commons app. It allows you to then concentrate your expedition on the places that really have zero pictures on Commons.

To specify the place, first get the latitude/longitude of the place you want (this webapp can help you) and enter them in the "Wikidata query" field like this:

SERVICE wikibase:around {
      ?item wdt:P625 ?itemlocation .
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:center "Point(longitude latitude)"^^geo:wktLiteral .
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:radius "5" .

First use a small radius like 1 (one kilometer), then increase it if you want more items. P625 is a Wikidata technical identifier, don't modify it. Note that longitude and latitude are opposite of the ordinary order! So for Beijing, one will have "116.401703 39.907902", denoting 39.907902° N, 116.401703° E.

Example for items within 15 kilometers of Beijing:{%20SERVICE%20wikibase:around%20{%20?item%20wdt:P625%20?itemlocation%20.%20bd:serviceParam%20wikibase:center%20%22Point(116.401703%2039.907902)%22^^geo:wktLiteral%20.%20bd:serviceParam%20wikibase:radius%20%2215%22%20.%20}}&no_images_only=1&prefilled=1


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