Village stocks

It is a truth universally acknowledged that intelligent and otherwise sensible editors and administrators occasionally engage in acts of extreme stupidity.

Wikimedia's village stocks.

Based on the fundamental principle that such blatant disregard of sensibility, however unintended, is best punished by humiliation, the village stocks have been built to identify the wiki-idiots in our midst.

Hall of shameEdit

A foolish administrator receives a ritual ducking from the Wikimedia community

AmiDaniel for the revert the right page awardEdit

Who succeeded in reverting vandalism, but posted the reversion to the Main Page instead of the article.

Animum for the lèse majesté awardEdit

Self-confession – Was somehow overly impetuous and reverted Jimbo; also accidentally blocked ClueBot.

Dan100 for the most understated use of OOPS! as an edit summary awardEdit

On 12 December 2005, did, with shocking lack of situational awareness, block WP founder and chief honcho Jimbo.

east718 for the it sounded like a good idea... awardEdit

Who used an unapproved bot to add over 1200 useless revisions to the Main Page in order to make it undeletable for curious individuals. He failed to hit the necessary 5000-revision mark, but did succeed in taking up lots of time and server resources.

Ed Poor for the boldness awardEdit

On August 1, 2005, Ed Poor, one of English Wikipedia's senior editors, boldly decided to delete the entire VFD deletion process. The whole episode is described in the Signpost article "Deletion deletion".

Majorly for the Commons Era awardEdit

As a Wikimedia Commons admin, he managed to delete the deletion requests page on 30 October 2007.

Maxim for the "what does this button do?" awardEdit

Who managed, on 3 February 2008, to delete English Wikipedia's Main Page, because someone told him it could not be done. He nobly confessed all at AN/I. Moral of the story: Don't delete the main page.

Scientizzle for the baby and bathwater awardEdit

Who succeeded in locking the servers for half an hour on January 16, 2008, by deleting English Wikipedia's sandbox, as discussed at AN/I; other editors, thankful for the unexpected wikibreak, offered various Wikitrouts and barnstars.


"Fair cop, guv!" declares the administrator as he is arrested. "Let that be a lesson to us all."

Any editor perpetrating an act of extreme but logical stupidity can be nominated for this page, if the act or result is outrageous or amusing, but it is advisable to get their agreement, to avoid unnecessary and inappropriate distress.

Please note this is NOT a pillory. Its purpose is to amuse, and in essence is a type of cautionary tale, warning us all of the pitfalls waiting to lure us all in. It should never be offensive or accusatory, and anyone posted is free to remove themselves at any time.

Admins deliberately performing reckless acts in order to win admission to the page and gain the coveted Stocks "barn star" will be subjected to crushing by elephant.

Consider using the following barnstar for serious Wiki-breaking offences:

  The Destroyer of the Wiki Barnstar
Oh my gosh what did you do now it seems there are monkeys and fish everywhere someone help they a...
I nominate myself for a dumb edit on Wikinews. In a fit of uninformed knee-jerk reactionism deleted an image of a swastika off the main page. Only to find it had been there because someone had interviewed the National Socialist candidate for the U.S. presidency. Lesson learned: Swastikas have their place, and it is sometimes highly visible. -- 16:06, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

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