In 2010 the Wikimedia Foundation switched the default skin of many Wikimedia projects to Vector. This page is a reference sheet for common questions about the Vector skin. It may cater to "power users" who have customized their user experience. The official FAQ for Vector is found on the Usability wiki.

What's changed?


The background image (a book) has been removed and the tabs have been re-arranged (see below).

Where did the tabs go?


They're hidden under the arrow ( ) next to the search bar.

Where did the watch tab go?


You can watch/unwatch a page by clicking the star next to the arrow mentioned above.


Add the following code to your personal skin subpage for Vector ("User:Example/vector.css").

/* Make all of the links lowercase */
div#p-personal li { text-transform: lowercase; }
/* Override the lowercasing for the username */
li#pt-userpage { text-transform: none !important; }

How do I import my monobook.css subpage?


You just need to adjust the URL to match the appropriate domain and user.

@import url("//");

How do I import my monobook.js subpage?


If you're importing a local JavaScript page, use this code. You just need to adjust the URL to match the appropriate user.


If you're importing a JavaScript page from another site, use this code. You just need to adjust the URL to match the appropriate domain and user.


How do I set the main-tab back?


By default the view-tab in the main namespace says "Page". Many wikis have changed this to "Article" in MediaWiki:Nstab-main. In Vector this works via MediaWiki:Vector-namespace-main.

How do I customize the toolbar?


See usability:Toolbar customization for some help (incomplete and not really updated).

How can I switch back to Monobook?


Go to Special:Preferences on the particular wiki and change the skin under the "Appearance" tab. You'll have to do this on each wiki that you visit; there are no global preferences. If you would like to completely turn off the new usability features on Commons, click here.

How do I change the skin back site-wide?


Generally site configuration requests are handled using the process found at Requesting wiki configuration changes. It's currently unclear whether a request to change the skin back to Monobook site-wide would be honored.

How can I give feedback about the new skin?


There should be a link that appears as New! to the left of your username in the top right side of your screen. Following that link, you have an opportunity to give feedback about the skin that will go to the Usability group.

When will my project use the new skin?


The switch is done in phases. You may find the schedule on the Usability wiki.