Uses of logo derivatives

Please note that this is a work in progress and in no way constitutes a policy of the Wikimedia Foundation. When finished, this may be added to the Foundation's Logo and trademark policy.

The logos are copyrighted to the Wikimedia Foundation and not released under the GFDL. They are also the "trademarks" or "servicemarks" (different spelling: trade marks or service marks) of the Wikimedia Foundation in addition to the word marks such as Wikipedia®, WikiNews™, MediaWiki™, etc., basically every project name is also a mark.

We can, theoretically, allow derivative works of the logos for informal uses, but it is not yet clear who should approve every derivative version.

There are currently many outstanding issues with formal uses. Placeopedia, and other projects, are waiting to use the logo, or using it with no official contract.

Examples within Wikimedia projects


External examples