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As I have comment before in

"Hi, It could be good join forces with [[ | FreeCAD ]] Community:

They use .STL and many others 3D file formats but its main is [[ | FCStd ]], which is exportable to others.

I guess is an open format but support this file in Common's will build bridges between open source projects anyway.

They use [[ | Github as objects library ]], but using this 3D file as is explained in [[ | this wikimedia project proposal ]] it will empower not only FreeCAD but also all Open Source Hardware community projects, as we can have a open central object repository.


Regarding to implement a 3D editor, IMHO It wouldn't be totally necessary, at least at the begining, since you would be able to download the 3D model from Wikimedia Commons, use your favorite desktop tool to edit it (blender, freecad, etc..) and upload new file. If the 3d file format is open you could diff changes. Qupro (talk) 12:02, 5 January 2017 (UTC)Reply

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