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9781472850249 page 93, Tornado F3 ZE962 Deere after w:Alan Deere also add to accidents list, spin due to incorrectly fitted unit. (Cite mug.)

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w:Bremen Left:Radicals de:Bremer Linksradikale

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Redirect target, section or detail.


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J. G Millar and co. Also newspaper stands? 1917 [1] see also cigarette card. Seems to be a "psychologic" phrase. Widely distributed to hospitals.

Does not mention the early (Anglo-Saxon/Roman?) carving in the west wall of the tower. Perhaps a visit is in order.

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[500 deaths]

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+ many more

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Best selling books Edit based on Nielsen data. Rich Farmbrough 18:15 15 May 2023 (GMT). 18:15, 15 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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More info in DNZB. Also do not confuse William Yates (missionary)

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Butt of Malmsey Edit

"Early" references, also to other such deaths, possibly allegorical.

  • The Histoire of Great Britaine Vnder the Conquests of the .. John Speed · 1623

And Ienkin went to sée his sonne,
Woe worth the time that he begunne,
He was drowned in a malmzey tunne,
alacke and well away:

Paternoster Row Edit

  • Title: The English house-vvife Containing the inward and outward vertues which ought to be in a compleate woman. As her skill in physicke, surgery, cookery, extraction of oyles, banqueting-stuffe, ordering of great feasts, preseruing of all sorts of wines, conceited secrets, distillations, perfumes, ordering of wooll, hempe, flax, making cloth, and dying, the knowledge of dayries, office of malting, of oates, their excellent vses in a family, of brewing, baking, and all other things belonging to an houshold. A worke generally approued, and now the fourth time much augmented, purged and made most profitable and necessary for all men, and the generall good of this kingdome. By G.M.

Author: Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637. Publication info: London : Printed by Nicholas Okes for Iohn Harison, and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the golden Vnicorne in Pater-noster-row, 1631.

  • Haughton and Co, 10
  • J. WHELDON , 4 , Paternoster Row and others
  • Tho SNelson and sons, p 64
  • More
  • Also Eilert Ekwall.
  • p.82
    • Redman, John. [1540?-1542.] In Pater noster rowe, at the signe of our Lady of Pytye.
    • Richard Lant lived in the Old Bailey, in St. Sepulchre's parish, and, according to Ames and Herbert, he also resided in Aldersgate Street, and afterwards in Paternoster Row. His books bear date from 1542 to 1547. He printed the famous Declaration of Bishop Bonner at Paul's Cross, in 1541, for which he was strongly condemned by John Harrison in his " Course at the Romish Fox." p 98
    • Henry Sutton lived at the sign of the Black Boy, in Paternoster Row, and printed between the years 1553 and 1562. During the reign of Queen Mary he was associated with John Kingston, especially in printing Romish church-books. p 109
    • Innholder's Company - Election at St Michael Paternoster Row or S Lawrence, Jewry. pp. 163
    • "My Lord's Coal House" a prison of the Bishop Bonner of London adjoins PNR or "was at the back of the Palace in PNR" (Foxe)
  • Robsons Street directory 1832 & 1842 (image)
  • St Paul' Churchyard 1818 we see the Rivington bros from the Robson's 1842 above: [2]

St Faith under St Pauls/Paternoster Square/Queen's Head Alley Edit

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  • Roud 2621
  • [7] Extensive coverage of recordings, and some collections(Grainger, Sharp), but earlier or co-equal collections exist as Challo Brown. (Poss Songs of Sea Labour: Chanties Frank Thomas Bullen, 1901)
  • Ships, Sea Songs and Shanties 1913 (And earlier?)

Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem Edit

Needs an article, or a t least a redirect.

Judge and jury club Edit

London phenomenon, 18th C?

Savoy Rents [without Temple Bar] & Savoy Hospital & Scoloker &... Edit

another transcript, more usable, less academic, Bridge ward only index to whole, of which previous is a part.
    • "In the year 1552, the Citizens of London, having the void suppressed Hospital of St. Thomas in Southwark, in the Month of Iuly, began the reparations thereof, for poor, impotent, lame, and diseased people, so that in the Month of November next following, the sick and poor people were taken in,; And in the year 1553, on the tenth of April, King Edward the sixth in the seventh of his Reign, gave to the Mayor, Communalty and Citizens of London, to be a Work-House

for the poor, and idle persons of the City, his House of Bridewell, and seven hundred Marks Lands of the Savoy Rents, which Hospital he had suppressed, with all the Beds, bedding, and other furniture belonging to the same, towards the maintenance of the said Work-house of Bridewell, and of this Hospital of Saint Thomas in Southwark. This gift, the King confirmed by his Charter. The Church of this Hospital, which of old time served for the Tenements neer adjoyning and pertaining to the said Hospital, remaineth as a Parish Church."

compromised professionally on the accession of Mary, for he had no connection with the court or church of Edward, and possessed no patents. But Scoloker was clearly a committed protestant and had probably spent the last years of Henry's reign on the continent. He used the knowledge of German which ha had acquired in these years to translate protestant tracts for the London printers in Edward's reign, and his own press was dedicated exclusively to the cause of reform. By 1548 his sympathies appear to have been with the Swiss rather than the German protestants, for he referred to his premises in the Savoy rents as'Geneva in Savoy'in the false Imprint to Roderyck Mors' Complaint. [footnote: 1553. Seres moved to the sign of the Hedge Hog in St.Paul's churchyard. The Hedge Hog was the emblem of the Sidney family.] Also ref. John Turke Sign of the Rose, Paternoster Row -> Cock St Pl. Chyd c. 1540s Refs E. G. Duff A Century of the English Book Trade, 1457-1557 - also mentions Stationers' Company's Register, should try to find.

the 3 White Lyons [Record office] later mentions Wastel bread.

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Sawyer X Edit

  • People feel entitled to treat you however they want.
    • If that bothers you it's your fault.
    • If you don't like it you should be shamed for it.#
    • And you will have to deal with it mostly alone.

Dylan Beattie on guilt Edit

  • s.t., s.w., s.o. (also such that, math. w:St)
  • nwww, st Y, wwtbp, QED any more?

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Baroness Orczy, By The Gods Beloved/The Gates of Kamt Edit

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antiphoton Edit,usually%20considered%20the%20same%20particle.

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Logitech trackman Edit Rich Farmbrough 22:16 19 August 2023 (GMT).

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Harold Augustus Fortington Edit Rich Farmbrough 14:41 21 August 2023 (GMT).

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Author names, caps in title, maybe a doi and accessdate?

  1. Quattrochi, Umberto (1999). CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names I. Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press. pp. 17–18. 

Nares Strait Edit

  • Blocked by iceberg from Peterson Glacier.
  • Shared island.

Oliver's Army Edit

"... a benefit for the miners involved in a long and bitter industrial dispute with the conservative government." Logan Hall 9 March. Thomson p 219 Rich Farmbrough 17:13 6 September 2023 (GMT). 17:13, 6 September 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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de cv, yrs Shell.

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