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Tuesday, June 2, 2015Edit

Event Logging load testEdit

  • Used the Edit schema
  • sending 15170 events (tried 500 per second for 32 seconds, not all sent)
  • initially db showed 4000 events inserted
  • processor showed 3975 events processed
  • forwarder showed 10062 events forwarded

This doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. How could fewer events be processed than inserted into the db? But the key is, I guess, where are the rest of the forwarded events. At 3975e / 32s, we have 124 events per second, which seems like an upper bound for what the processor in beta can do.

  • Tried again with the MobileWebUIClickTracking schema (smaller and maybe easier to validate)
  • sent 10458 events in 22 seconds (tried 500, looks like it was also a bit shy)
  • 4222 events in the db
  • 4466 events processed
  • 8174 events forwarded
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