Drag n Drop, Smart Interactivity & better collaboration edit


  • Problem:Better Collaboration:In the current "Learn by doing" courses, authors could increase interactivity by

useing 'REAL TIME collaborative edit' feature for the sake of reader/learner.

  • Who would benefit:The Wikiversity users , course authors .all the learning community that Wikimedia Foundation project can support.it will certainly give a boost to fulfill Wikiversity & the wikimedias goal.
  • Proposed solution:
  • More comments: It would be nice if author's/reader could collaborate with each other in realtime ,for learning/ better understanding purposes. just like eatherpad, which is also in open licence.So it Could be implemented in wikiversity as a feature for group learning.

In the current implementation the 'database' service isn't appropriate .It should be fixed when implementing for Wikiversity.

Wikimedia has many tools hosted in 'Cloud VPS' ,why can't it also?

They already have some experience with 'eatherpad' . So a Wikiversity implement wouldn't be heard to achieve.

https://en.m.wikiversity.org/wiki/Ga_naar_Wikipedia#Education (The Wikimedia Foundation wikis (see list in sidebar) provide a lot of tools that are useful to academics and researchers.)

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