Md. Woliul Hasan, born in January 21,1990 in his grandfather's home at Dhankundi, Sherpur Upazila, Bogra. In a middle class family he was born. His mom is a house wife. She was divorced, when Woliul is in 1 an half year. Straggle is the friend of his life and sadness is the way of his life that's why he wrote the novel Life (A peach of fire) about his whole life.

Early Life

Child Woliul was seemed very talented in art (Fine art). He admit in Primary School in his Grandfather village, name Dhankundi Primary School. His grand was the Ex-Headmaster of this school. In a past day his grandfather was a landlord, but now he is retired, so economical condition is very bad when he was born. But his mom and grand pa was try to do better for the family and one another person was help to his family he was his Aunty Asmaul Husna Mery. She work at International Labor Organisation.But in a accident she was died. In the English year of 2000 he was pass in primary exam with a good mark and admit in the local high school name Dhankundi Shahnaj Siraj High School. But luck is not fever for him his grandpa is died when he was in class 7. everything is going to be wrong but he was try do better for his future. But another was seen when his grandpa die. His Uncle was gone to be mad for land, he was beat him and his mom and also his grandmother. In this problem he was totally confused what he have to do. His mother was separated with his brother. In 2005 he attend in Secondary School Certificate(SSC) exam from the group of Science Studies; but still the problem of his uncle, he cloud not do better in this exam.He just normally passed in a normal mark. After that he was admit in a polytechnic named Institute of Information Technology, in Bogra for the course of Diploma Electrical Engineering. In 2010 he was pass in this exam. After that he was try to get a job but still he can get any job like he want. In 2012 he was admitted in a University named Eastern University (Bangladesh) in Computer Science & Engineering.