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How to disable user categorizationEdit

  English: Some wikis permit users to group their pages together into a user-specific category (a "user category"). Some do not.

If user categories (e.g. [[Category:User:Willscrlt]]) are not permitted on this wiki, you can easily suppress the automatically generated user category without disabling this entire template. Simply add this wiki to the list at the bottom of the template. Edit the template, and at the bottom you will find a line that reads:

| en.Wikipedia | fr.Wikipédia | it.Wikipedia =  
<!-- @@@ Wiki requested supression of automatic user categories -->

To disable user categories on this wiki, add your wiki to the list like this:

| en.Wikipedia | fr.Wikipédia | it.Wikipedia | en.Meta = &nbsp;
Thank you for also editing the template here at Meta!


  This is a sidebar Will finds useful. Probably nobody else will, because it's pretty specific to his needs and has a lot of personal information (like userboxes, WikiProjects he is a member of, etc.). You are welcome to use it as a starting point for your own similar Sidebar, but it has a lot of esoteric parser functions, variables, and CSS magic inside. It definitely requires some advance templating skills to fully understand its internals. You may look, but please do not edit. If you have a question or concern about this template, you may contact Will on Meta.

Localization helpEdit

  If you understand wiki templates and English and can help Will figure out how to get this template to collapse on,, and other sites where the collapsing feature does not work, he would really appreciate your help. Probably all that is needed is to translate the CSS style names to the local languages. Please contact Will on Meta if you can help. Thanks!
It would also be nice to translate the documentation for this template into other languages—especially the section on "How to disable user categorization". Please contact Will on Meta if you can help with that. Thanks again!


  At the top of your user page, add the following line:
If you find this template useful, please make a copy for yourself and make any changes you like.

Version informationEdit

  v3.0.5 (08:58, 11 April 2009 (UTC)) — This is the most current version available. Please also compare the version numbers of the various modules listed at the bottom of the Sidebar to be sure they match.

This template is used on multiple WikiMedia Foundation Projects. Unless it is horribly broken and causing major disruptions, please do not edit this template. The master template is located at m:User:Willscrlt/meta/Sidebar and is manually distributed to other projects by its creator, Willscrlt (Talk).