User:Willie Robert/Financial resources pooling


  • We should encourage attendees diversity by removing/mitigating financial problems.
  • Pooling and sharing resources among affiliates may be a way to do it.
  • A collateral good effect could be decentralization and autonomization from WMF.

Draft proposal(s)Edit

Affiliates that are able to do it, fund a financial pool on a voluntary basis.[1]

Option 1Edit

Pooling resources to cover basic logistic costs (venue, catering, facilitator).

easy to set up
for a lot of affiliates these costs are not the larger part and this option may ease the participation of already attending chairpersons

Option 2Edit

Pooling resources to cover:

  • logistic costs (venue, catering, facilitator)
  • travel and accommodation costs for (some) affiliates with few financial resources
much more effective in order to ensure larger participation in our meetings
may be difficult to organize and/or sustain if participation increase too much


  • collect endorsements for the "pooling idea" (option 1, option2, both)
  • review past meetings' costs
  • survey to estimate chairpersons participation increase (did you attend any of these meetings? if no, why? would you attend if some of the costs is covered? etc.)


  1. Fo example, that's the way Dimitar's position in Brussels is funded by European chapters.