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Hello, I am Wiki-Coffee, a volunteer editor for Wikimedia who primarily contributes to the English Wikipedia. I am a person who promotes judicial minimalism and objective reasoning in academia. I’m considered to be a strong believer in scientific reasoning and never accept absolutes. Furthermore, I actively engage in promoting the benefits of observation based reasoning within various spheres of society and strongly discourage elitism in the scientific world, simply put I believe and propagate the idea that everyone is entitled to understand and be given a way to understand the world around them without being expected to have upper-echelon higher cognitive reasoning abilities. I don’t believe in a correlation between higher cognitive function and personal success in life.

To summarise my personal philosophy:

Every man born is equal to the right of knowledge in a language they can understand and develop their own ideas from. No matter how they see the world around them, or what means one would choose to describe the world around them, whether the means they choose are understood by scientists, lawyers, doctors, and scholars or not these means reflect the truth of their life and the reasoning behind their actions. If actions are undertaken by men, the consequences of those actions will always create an observable and tangible effect. It is a duty that we all must show our own truths to other men so that they may choose to incorporate it into their own perception of the world around them, their own truth and thus they do not only walk alone with their own perceptions but walk with the wealth of knowledge and perceptions others have learnt from experience of the world around them.