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In 2017 I was granted scholarship to attend the Prague prehackathon and Vienna hackathon for the Commons Android App project and others. However, due to missed trains and flights, I was not able to attend. I'd like to apologize again for the time, money and work spent for this. It has been a bitter lesson for me, and I will make sure this won't happen again. (See also Lessons below.)

This report focuses onto work I have done individually. I will leave links at the bottom of this page for amazing things the entire group has done during the hackathon.

Preparation Edit

I joined the discussions online about the hackathon planning in the months preceding May 2017. Some examples:

Contribution during the hackathon days Edit

I used some of my free time to help out hackathon-related tasks available online. I worked more in reviewing others' contributions than writing mines. In total, I have made more than a dozen of pull requests, reviews and merges. See for some of the links to individual contributions. My contribution tended to be supporting others than writing large new chunks of code by myself. Concrete examples:

Lessons Edit

  • Communication - most of the communication was done on GitHub (using Issues and Pull Requests). I learned new things I tried the Hangout chat and IRC as well, but I did not find it effective due to the time difference (7 hours). I didn't try video, which could be effective if you have agreed on scheduled talk sessions in advance.
  • Asynchronous work - even if you are far away with a major time difference, you could work asynchronously - you could send a patch before sleeping, receive a comment next morning and re-submit it after fixing problems. In a sense, it's work as usual for this project whose members are spread around the world. However, again, the time difference is a significant barrier - you will miss decisions made and ideas discussed centrally at the hackathon while you sleep.
  • Travel - the main reason for my failure to travel was land travel. I will make sure this won’t happen again by adding an extra safety margin of time, even if it is in an area I think I know well. In this case, I should have allocated more than 2.5 hours for land travel from Tokyo to the Narita airport, where in the best case scenario, it would be about 1 hour.

What’s next Edit

I intend to work on the app as a volunteer in the coming months. After the hackathon, I continued working on issues including those that arose during the hackathon. Some resulted in substantial patches:

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