User:WhatamIdoing/Board candidates

Here are the kinds of things I'd know about Board candidates.

The questions
Do you have any professional experience with personnel management at all?
1 The Wikimedia Foundation has more than 600 staff members, in addition to providing funding for the staff of some affiliates and grantees. In your professional career so far, have you had two or more years' experience directly managing any employees yourself?

Count only paid employees who were not part of your family, and over whom you had hiring and firing authority. For example, if you managed products or projects, but not people, then say no. If you had a role in leadership but did not hire your own staff, then say no. If your management experience involves only volunteers, then say no.

◯ Yes

◯ No

1.1 How many paid employees were in that organization? If you have been a manager at more than one organization, what is the biggest organization you have managerial experience from?

For example, the Wikipedia Foundation has more than 600 employees, so if you were a manager there, you would choose "200+ employees", even if you only had two employees reporting directly to you.

◯ 1 to 50

◯ 50 to 199

◯ 200+ employees

◯ 0 or not applicable

1.2 What is the maximum number of non-family paid employees under you at one time?

For example, if you managed a small business, and the people working there included yourself, four family members, and seven non-family members, then count only the seven non-family members, and choose "less than 10". If managers reported to you, count their employees, too. For example, the current CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation has a handful of direct reports, but she has more than 600 employees under her altogether, so she would choose "50+".

◯ 1 to 10

◯ 10 to 49

◯ 50+ employees

◯ 0 or not applicable

1.3 Were any of the people reporting to you also managers with their own teams?

For example, say yes if you had two personnel managers reporting to you, and they each had teams of several employees reporting to them, no matter what your job title was. Say no if none of the people reporting directly to you were managers, even if your job title was "CEO".

◯ Yes, I have worked in middle management.

◯ No, I have never had managers reporting to me.

Do you have any budget management experience at all?
2 The Wikimedia Foundation's annual budget is around US$175M. Have you ever had budget authority within a business or non-profit organization?

For example, if the whole organization's budget was US$50M, and you controlled a budget of US$350,000 for supplies, travel, and staff, then say "Yes, my annual budget was under US$1M".

◯ No

◯ Yes, my annual budget was under US$1M

◯ Yes, my annual budget over US$1M

Do you have any prior corporate board experience at all?
3 Have you ever served on the Board of Directors for any legally registered corporation, in any country, whether for-profit or non-profit? ◯ Yes, one corporation

◯ Yes, more than one corporation

◯ No

3.1 If yes, was it a large one or a small one?

For example, if you served on the Board of Directors for a non-profit with a few dozen volunteers, or for your family's business, then say "Yes, a small one".

◯ Yes, a small one

◯ Yes, a large one

◯ No or not applicable

3.2 If yes, have you ever served on the Board of Directors for a non-profit corporation? ◯ Yes, in the US

◯ Yes, in another country

◯ No or not applicable

Do you think you already know how US non-profit corporate boards work, or are you going to learn?
4 Have you ever attended training on the legal and practical aspects of serving on the Board of Directors for a US non-profit corporation? ◯ Yes, I've already some had training in this area.

◯ No, I haven't (yet).

4.1 Professional training programs can be attended remotely, often one evening per week for several months. Other programs are in-person for several days. Are you willing and able to take this type of training, at the expense of the Wikimedia Foundation, if you join the Board? ◯ Yes, I'm willing to do that.

◯ No, I won't do that.

Do you intend to be a politician or a Board member?
5 Under US law, members of the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Directors are legally required to put the organization's charitable purpose above all other interests. Board members are not representatives of any group of people, including Wikipedia editors, Wikimedia affiliates, Wikimedia Foundation staff, donors, or other stakeholders. The desires of these groups usually align, but not always. When these groups diverge, Board members have a legal duty to choose the organization's purpose over the other groups. If you join the Board, are you prepared to fulfill your fiduciary duty to serve the mission, even when it means disagreeing with the people or groups that supported your election? ◯ Yes, I will always put our educational purpose first.

◯ No, other competing interests, such as serving The Community™, will sometimes be more important to me.