User:Uchup19/Equipment logbook

This page serves as the usage logbook for editors using the equipment that belong to Wikimedia Members. Members of this Wikimedia who are active for at least 6 months with a global edit count of more than 500 edits, and without any history of blocks/disciplinary actions are encouraged to make use of the equipment to improve the coverage and quality of Wikipedia/Wikimedia related topics. When not in use, the equipment is stored at User:Uchup19's residence (current custodian) in Sukabumi.


If you wish to use one or more of the above listed items for Wikimedia project related activities, please fill out the below template, and paste it immediately after the CURRENT REQUESTS heading. Please note that the user operating the respective equipment will be solely responsible for any replacement/repair charges should there be any loss or damages to the equipment. When picking up the equipment, please also print and bring the below request with your actual signature, along with a copy of your photo ID (such as NIC, Passport, or Driver's License). The physical documents of the latest 5 requests will be filed in a secured folder, while the older ones destroyed.

* '''Users who will have access to the equipment''': [[User:Example]], [[User:Example2]]
* '''Brief description with signature''': DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT OR NATURE OF USE
* '''Locations to which the equipment will be taken to''': PLEASE BE REASONABLY DETAILED
* '''Time period requested''': FROM/TO DATES
* '''Custodian's notes: PLEASE LEAVE BLANK
* '''Custodian's signature at the time of handing over equipment''': PLEASE LEAVE BLANK

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