Localization: en, ar, bg, bn, de, es, fa, fi, fr, hi, it, ja, ka, km, kn, ko, ml, mr, nl, no, oc, or, pl, pt, ptb, ru, sv, ta, ur, zh

name:                      English


add:                       Add
apply:                     Apply
cancel:                    Cancel
clear:                     Clear
close:                     Close
continue:                  Continue
copy:                      Copy
delete:                    Delete
error:                     Error
exit:                      Exit
minimizewindow:            Minimize
no:                        No
ok:                        OK
remove:                    Remove
rename:                    Rename
restorewindow:             Restore
save:                      Save
selectfile:                Browse...
yes:                       Yes
agf:                    Revert as good faith edit with custom reason
import:                 Import from global conf

Edit types

edittype-blocknote:        Block notifications
edittype-deletenote:       Deletion request notifications
edittype-deletetag:        Deletion discussion tags
edittype-deletereq:        Other deletion discussion edits
edittype-manual:           Manual edits
edittype-message:          User messages
edittype-note:             Other notifications
edittype-prodtag:          Proposed deletion tags
edittype-protectreq:       Protection requests
edittype-report:           Reports
edittype-revert:           Reverts
edittype-speedytag:        Speedy deletion tags
edittype-tag:              Other tags
edittype-warning:          Warnings

About form

about-contributors:        Developers:

Block form

block-title:               Block {0}
block-reason:              Reason:
block-duration:            Duration:
block-message:             Talk page message:
block-anononly:            Block anonymous users only
block-creation:            Block account creation
block-autoblock:           Enable autoblocks
block-email:               Block e-mail
block-usertalk:            Talk
block-usercontribs:        Contribs
block-blockloglabel:       Block log:
block-warnloglabel:        Warnings:
block-sharedipwarning:     Note: {0} is tagged as a shared or dynamic IP address.
block-sensitivewarning:    This IP address is listed as 'sensitive' for the following reason:\n\n   {0}\n\nContinue anyway?
block-rangeblockwarning:   {0} is already affected by a rangeblock on {1}.\nThis block will override the effect of the rangeblock. Continue?

Closing form

closing-whitelist:         Updating user whitelist...
closing-config:            Updating configuration subpage...

Configuration form

config-summ:               Custom revert summaries for templates
config-title:              Options
config-rememberme:         Remember my username
config-rememberpassword:   Remember my password
config-autowhitelist:      Automatically whitelist users
config-openinbrowser:      Open browser links in new browser window
config-shownewedits:       Show new edits to the selected page as they are made
config-preloads:           Enable preloading of diffs
config-ircmode:            Use IRC feed for recent changes if possible
config-ircport:            IRC port
config-difffontsize:       Diff font size
config-logfile:            Log file
config-viewlocalconfig:    View local configuration folder
config-trayicon:           Show tray icon
config-startupmessage:     Show startup message
config-showlog:            Show log
config-showqueue:          Show revision queue
config-rightalignqueue:    Show queue on the right of the window
config-showtooltips:       Show tooltips on menus
config-shownewmessages:    Show new messages bar
config-shortcutlist:       Keyboard shortcuts
config-shortcutaction:     Action
config-shortcut:           Shortcut
config-changeshortcut:     Change shortcut for {0}
config-noshortcut:         None
config-defaults:           Defaults
config-minor:              Mark as minor
config-watchlist:          Add to watchlist
config-defaultsummary:     Default summary for manual edits
config-undosummary:        Summary when undoing own edits
config-confirmmultiple:    Confirm multiple reversions of an edit by the same user
config-confirmsame:        Confirm reversion to an edit by the user being reverted
config-confirmselfrevert:  Confirm reversion of own edits (except undo)
config-confirmwarned:      Confirm reversion to an edit by a warned user
config-confirmrange:       Confirm reversion to edit by an anonymous user in the same /16 range as the user being reverted
config-confirmpage:        Confirm reversion of ignored pages
config-autoadvance:        After reverting, move to next edit in the queue
config-userollback:        Use rollback if available
config-revertsummaries:    Revert summaries available in menu
config-clearsummaries:     Summaries entered manually are remembered across sessions; click to clear these
config-reportlinkexamples: Include links to instances of vandalism in reports
config-extendreports:      Extend reports after additional vandalism
config-autoreportgroup:    Auto-report
config-autoreport:         When asked to warn a user with a final warning
config-reportnone:         Do nothing
config-reportprompt:       Prompt for report
config-reportauto:         Issue report automatically
config-templates:          User template messages
config-templatetext:       Display text
config-template:           Template
config-highlightgroup:     Syntax highlight colors
config-useadminfunctions:  Use administrator functions if available
config-promptforblock:     Prompt for block if asked to warn a user with a final warning
config-blockreason:        Default block reason
config-blocktime:          Default block duration for
config-blocktimeanon:      anonymous users
config-blocktimereg:       registered users
config-summaryprompt:      Enter summary
config-history:	           Download whole history of all articles
config-defaultsprompt:     Restore defaults?
config-logbrowsetitle:     Log file location
config-shortcutconflict:   Shortcut '{0}' conflicts with the existing shortcut for '{1}'.

Delete form

delete-title:              Delete {0}
delete-reason:             Reason:
delete-deletionlog:        Deletion log:
delete-rem-talk:           Delete associated talk
delete-notify:             Notify creator

Edit form

edit-title:                Editing {0}
edit-summary:              Summary:
edit-minor:                Minor edit
edit-watch:                Watch this page
edit-page:                 Page
edit-edit:                 Edit
edit-view:                 View
edit-page-savetofile:      Save to file...
edit-page-save:            Save
edit-page-cancel:          Cancel
edit-edit-undo:            Undo
edit-edit-redo:            Redo
edit-edit-cut:             Cut
edit-edit-copy:            Copy
edit-edit-paste:           Paste
edit-edit-delete:          Delete
edit-edit-selectall:       Select All
edit-edit-find:            Find
edit-view-syntax:          Syntax colouring
edit-matchcase:            Match case
edit-find:                 Find:
edit-replace:              Replace:
edit-findnext:             Next
edit-findprevious:         Previous
edit-replaceall:           Replace all
edit-edittab:              Edit
edit-previewtab:           Preview
edit-changestab:           Changes
edit-searchnotfound:       Phrase not found
edit-searchwrapstart:      Reached end of page, continued from top
edit-searchwrapend:        Reached top of page, continued from end

E-mail form

email-title:               E-mail {0}
email-subject:             Subject:
email-message:             Message:
email-ccme:                E-mail me a copy of this message
email-send:                Send

IRC feed

irc-connected:             Connected to IRC recent changes feed
irc-connecting:            Attempting connection to IRC recent changes feed; this may take a few moments...
irc-disconnected:          Connection to IRC recent changes feed lost; reconnecting...
irc-nochannel:             IRC channel for {0} not found; using slower API queries instead
irc-error:                 Unable to connect to IRC recent changes feed. Using slower API queries instead

List form

list-actions:              Actions and Filters...
list-browsetitle:          Add text file to list
list-combine:              Combine
list-copyto:               Copy to:
list-count:                {0} items
list-deleteconfirm:        Delete list '{0}'?
list-duplicatename:        A list with the name '{0}' already exists. Choose another name.
list-intersect:            Intersect
list-limit:                Up to:
list-listempty:            No items in list\nEnter a source and click "Add"
list-nolists:              No lists defined\nClick "Add" to create one
list-query-cancelled:      Cancelled.
list-query-fail:           Query failed.
list-query-noresults:      Query returned no results.
list-query-progress:       Running query...
list-query-results:        {0} results returned.
list-renameprompt:         Enter new name:
list-replace:              Replace
list-savefailed:           Unable to save list:
list-savetitle:            Save list
list-sourcetype:           Source type:
list-start:                From:
list-stop:                 Stop
list-title:                List Builder


login-language:            Language:
login-project:             Project:
login-username:            Username:
login-password:            Password:
login-proxygroup:          Proxy settings
login-proxy:               Use a proxy server
login-proxyaddress:        Address:
login-proxyport:           Port:
login-proxydomain:         Domain:
login-start:               Login
login-translate:           Translate...
login-captchatitle:        Captcha required to log in

login-progress-start:      Logging in...
login-progress-language:   Updating message files...
login-progress-global:     Checking global configuration...
login-progress-config:     Checking configuration pages...
login-progress-userlist:   Checking user list...
login-progress-whitelist:  Retrieving user whitelist...

login-error-admin:         Use of Huggle on this project requires an administrator account.
login-error-age:           Use of Huggle on this project requires an account at least {0} days old.
login-error-alldisabled:   Huggle is currently disabled on all projects.
login-error-approval:      Use of Huggle on this project requires approval.
login-error-autoconfirmed: Use of Huggle on this project requires that your account is autoconfirmed.
login-error-cancelled:     Cancelled.
login-error-captcha:       Incorrect password or confirmation code.
login-error-config:        Failed to load configuration pages!
login-error-count:         Use of Huggle on this project requires at least {0} edits.
login-error-disabled:      Huggle is not enabled for your account, check user configuration page.
login-error-global:        Failed to load global configuration page.
login-error-invalid:       Invalid username.
login-error-language:      Failed to load message files.
login-error-nocaptcha:     Captcha not solved.
login-error-noconfig:      This project does not have a Huggle configuration page.
login-error-nouser:        User does not exist.
login-error-password:      Incorrect password.
login-error-projdisabled:  Huggle is currently disabled on this project.
login-error-rollback:      Use of Huggle on this project requires rollback.
login-error-unknown:       Unable to log in.
login-error-userlist:      Failed to load user list.
login-error-version:       Version is out of date. Update to the latest version.
login-error-whitelist:     Failed to load user whitelist.

Main window

main-page:                 Page
main-user:                 User
main-contribs:             Contribs
main-history:              History
main-new-messages:         You have new messages; select System -> Show new messages or press M to view them.
main-system:               System
main-system-messages:      Show new messages
main-system-reconnectirc:  Reconnect IRC feed
main-system-savelog:       Save log...
main-system-lists:         List Builder...
main-system-requests:      Requests...
main-system-statistics:    Statistics...
main-system-showlog:       Show log
main-system-showqueue:     Show queue
main-system-showtwoqueues: Show two queues
main-system-options:       Options...
main-system-logout:        Log out
main-system-exit:          Exit
main-queue:                Queue
main-queue-next:           Next
main-queue-trim:           Trim
main-queue-clear:          Clear current
main-queue-count:          {0} items
main-queue-query:          Running query...
main-queue-reset:          Reset
main-queue-clearall:       Clear all
main-queue-options:        Manage Queues...
main-goto:                 Go to
main-goto-mytalk:          My talk page
main-goto-mycontribs:      My contributions
main-revision-decline:     Reject revision
main-revision:             Revision
main-revision-view:        View
main-revision-revert:      Revert
main-revision-faith:       Revert AGF
main-revision-previous:    Previous
main-revision-next:        Next
main-revision-latest:      Latest
main-revision-sight:       Sight
main-page-switchtotalk:    Switch to talk page
main-page-switchtosubject: Switch to subject page
main-page-switchtoarticle: Switch to article
main-page-viewlatest:      View latest revision
main-page-history:         Retrieve history
main-page-historypage:     Show history page
main-page-edit:            Edit
main-page-tag:             Tag
main-page-reqdeletion:     Request deletion
main-page-reqprotection:   Request protection
main-page-watch:           Watch
main-page-unwatch:         Unwatch
main-page-purge:           Purge
main-page-patrol:          Mark patrolled
main-page-move:            Move...
main-page-protect:         Protect...
main-page-delete:          Delete...
main-page-restore:         Restore this revision of article
main-user-info:            Show user info
main-user-ignore:          Ignore
main-user-unignore:        Unignore
main-user-contribs:        Retrieve contributions
main-user-talk:            View talk page
main-user-message:         Message...
main-user-email:           E-mail...
main-user-warn:            Warn...
main-user-report:          Report
main-user-block:           Block...
main-browser:              Browser
main-browser-newtab:       New tab
main-browser-closetab:     Close tab
main-browser-closeothers:  Close other tabs
main-browser-back:         Back
main-browser-forward:      Forward
main-browser-open:         View this in external browser
main-browser-newedits:     Show new edits to page
main-browser-newcontribs:  Show new contributions by user
main-help:                 Help
main-help-documentation:   Documentation
main-help-feedback:        Feedback
main-help-about:           About Huggle...
main-addqueue:             Add...
main-savelogtitle:         Save log
main-usermessageother:     Other message...
main-advanced:             Advanced...
main-stats:                {0} edits per minute, {1} reverts per minute

main-tip-revertwarn:       Revert this revision, and issue a user warning
main-tip-nextdiff:         Show the next revision in the queue
main-tip-revert:           Revert this revision
main-tip-template:         Send template message to user
main-tip-warn:             Warn user
main-tip-cancel:           Cancel all pending actions
main-tip-undo:             Undo recent actions
main-tip-browserback:      Back
main-tip-browserforward:   Forward
main-tip-browseropen:      View this in external browser
main-tip-browsernewtab:    New tab
main-tip-browserclosetab:  Close tab
main-tip-history:          Retrieve page history
main-tip-historyprev:      Show previous revision to this page
main-tip-historynext:      Show next revision to this page
main-tip-historylast:      Show latest revision to this page
main-tip-historydifftocur: Show diff between this revision and the latest revision to this page
main-tip-contribs:         Retrieve user contributions
main-tip-contribsprev:     Show previous revision by this user
main-tip-contribsnext:     Show next revision by this user
main-tip-contribslast:     Show latest revision by this user
main-tip-pageview:         View this revision
main-tip-pageedit:         Edit this page
main-tip-pagewatch:        Watch this page
main-tip-pagetag:          Tag this page
main-tip-pagetagdelete:    Tag this page for deletion
main-tip-pagedelete:       Delete this page
main-tip-userinfo:         Show user information
main-tip-usertalk:         Show user talk page
main-tip-usermessage:      Message this user
main-tip-userignore:       Ignore all contributions by this user
main-tip-userreport:       Report this user
main-tip-userblock:        Block this user
main-revision-acceptpend:   Accept this pending revision

Message form

message-title:             Message {0}
message-help:              Specify one or both of Subject and Summary. If no summary is given, the subject will be used; if no subject is given, no header will be added.
message-subject:           Subject:
message-message:           Message:
message-summary:           Summary:
message-autosign:          Automatically append signature

Move form

move-title:                Move {0}
move-target:               Destination:
move-reason:               Reason:
move-movetalk:             Move talk page

Prod form

prod-title:                Proposed deletion of {0}
prod-reason:               Reason:

Protect form

protect-title:             Protect {0}
protect-request-title:     Request protection of {0}
protect-reason:            Reason:
protect-expiry:            Expiry:
protect-log:               Protection log:
protect-currentlevel:      Current protection level:
protect-type:              Protection type:
protect-none:              None
protect-semiprotection:    Semi-protection
protect-fullprotection:    Full protection
protect-moveprotection:    Move protection

Queue form

queue-title:               Queues
queue-queues:              Queues:
queue-typegroup:           Queue type
queue-listselector:        List:
queue-listbuilder:         List Builder...
queue-sortorder:           Sort order:
queue-removeviewed:        Remove edits when viewed
queue-removeold:           Remove old edits to the same page
queue-removeafter:         Remove edits after
queue-removeaftertime:     minutes
queue-preload:             Enable preloading of revisions when this queue is selected
queue-ignorepages:         Ignore edits to pages on the ignored pages list
queue-traynotification:    Show tray notification when a revision is added to this queue
queue-diffsgroup:          Diffs
queue-nodiffs:             Load diffs only when the revision is viewed
queue-preloaddiffs:        Preload diffs when queue is active
queue-alldiffs:            Load diffs for every revision in the queue
queue-pagefiltersgroup:    Page title filters
queue-pageregex:           Title matches regular expression:
queue-namespaces:          Namespaces:
queue-applylabel:          Click Apply to apply these filters to the existing page list.
queue-editfiltersgroup:    Edit filters
queue-userregex:           Username matches regular expression:
queue-summaryregex:        Summary matches regular expression:
queue-filternewpage:       New page
queue-filterownuserspace:  User's own userspace
queue-filteranonymous:     Anonymous user
queue-filterignored:       Ignored user
queue-filterreverts:       Revert
queue-filternotifications: Notification
queue-filterwarnings:      Warning
queue-filtertags:          Tag
queue-filterbot:           Bot edit
queue-filterassisted:      Assisted edit
queue-filterhuggle:        Huggle edit
queue-filterme:            My edit
queue-examplelabel1:       Require this attribute
queue-examplelabel2:       Exclude this attribute
queue-examplelabel3:       Don't check this attribute
queue-usergroup:           Show only edits from these users

Queue trim form

queuetrim-title:           Trim queue
queuetrim-age:             Discard all queued revisions older than
queuetrim-ageunit:         minutes

Requests form

requests-title:            Requests
requests-cancelall:        Cancel all
requests-cancelled:        Cancelled
requests-inprogress:       In progress
requests-failed:           Failed
requests-completed:        Completed
requests-time:             Time
requests-type:             Type
requests-query:            Query

Report form

report-title:              Report {0}
report-reason:             Reason:
report-message:            Message:
report-log:                Warnings for this user:

Revert form

revert-title:              Revert {0}
revert-summary:            Revert summary (leave blank for default):
revert-currentonly:        Revert only the selected revision

Revert and warn form

revertandwarn-title:       Revert and warn {0}


revert-confirm-ignored:    Revert edit by whitelisted user '{0}'?
revert-confirm-multiple:   This will revert multiple edits by '{0}'. Continue?
revert-confirm-page:       Revert edit to ignored page '{0}'?
revert-confirm-range:      The author of the target revision, {1}, is in the same range as the author of the current revision, {0}, and may be the same person; ensure the target revision is correct before proceeding. Continue?
revert-confirm-same:       This will revert to another revision by the user that is being reverted, {0}. Continue?
revert-confirm-self:       This will revert your own edit. Continue?
revert-confirm-warned:     This will revert to a revision by {0}; this user has previously been warned. Continue?
revert-error-first:        Edit is the first edit to the page; unable to revert.
revert-only:               Edit is the only edit to the page.
revert-creator:            Last edit was made by page creator, {0}.
revert-delete-instead:     Delete page instead?
revert-speedy-instead:     Tag for speedy deletion instead?

Speedy form

speedy-title:              Speedy tag {0}
speedy-reason:             Reason:
speedy-parameters:         Parameters:
speedy-notifycreator:      Notify page creator

Statistics form

stats-title:               Statistics
stats-actions:             Actions this session:
stats-session:             Session time: {0}
stats-edits:               Edits
stats-assisted:            Assisted edits
stats-huggle:              Huggle edits
stats-reverts:             Reverts
stats-warnings:            Warnings
stats-reports:             Reports
stats-tags:                Tags
stats-notifications:       Notifications
stats-blocks:              Blocks
stats-deletes:             Deletes
stats-protections:         Protections
stats-allusers:            All users
stats-me:                  Me
stats-ignored:             Ignored
stats-anon:                Anonymous
stats-bots:                Bots
stats-other:               Other

Tag form

tag-title:                 Tag {0}
tag-tagselector:           Add tag:
tag-tags:                  Tag(s):
tag-summary:               Summary:
tag-insertatend:           Insert at the end of the page

Update form

update-title:              New version available
update-notification:       This version of Huggle is out of date.
update-required:           You must update to the latest version, {0}.
update-optional:           Updating to the latest version, {0}, is recommended, and may be required in future.
update-prompt:             Download and run the latest version now?
update-download:           Update
update-progress:           Downloading new version...
update-error:              Failed to download new version

User info form

userinfo-title:            User information for '{0}'
userinfo-anonymous:        Anonymous:
userinfo-ignored:          Whitelisted:
userinfo-edits:            Number of edits:
userinfo-sessionedits:     Edits this session:
userinfo-sharedip:         Shared/dynamic IP:
userinfo-blocklog:         Blocks:
userinfo-warnlog:          Warnings:

Warning form

warning-title:             Warn {0}
warning-levelgroup:        Warning level
warning-levelauto:         Automatic
warning-level1:            Level 1
warning-level2:            Level 2
warning-level3:            Level 3
warning-level4:            Level 4 (final)
warning-warntype:          Warning type:
warning-warnlog:           Warnings for this user:

XfD form

xfd-title:                 Nominate {0} for deletion
xfd-category:              Category:
xfd-nominationtype:        Nomination type:
xfd-notify:                Notify creator
xfd-reason:                Reason:

Web requests

error-apidisabled:         The MediaWiki API is disabled
error-exception:           Error retrieving '{0}'
error-fail:                Failed to retrieve '{0}'
error-loggedout:           Account has been logged out, logging back in...
error-noresponse:          No response
error-pagemissing:         The page does not exist
error-reloginfail:         Failed to log back in, try restarting Huggle
error-timeout:             Request timed out
error-unknown:             Unknown error

retrying:                  Retrying...

block-done:                Blocked '{0}'
block-fail:                Did not block '{0}'
block-progress:            Blocking '{0}'...

blocklog-fail:             Failed to retrieve block log for '{0}'
blocklog-none:             No block log for '{0}'
blocklog-progress:         Retrieving block log for '{0}'...

blocknotify-fail:          Did not notify '{0}' of block
blocknotify-progress:      Notifying '{0}' of block...

delete-done:               Deleted '{0}'
delete-fail:               Did not delete '{0}'
delete-progress:           Deleting '{0}'...

deletelog-fail:            Failed to retrieve deletion log for '{0}'
deletelog-none:            No deletion log for '{0}'
deletelog-progress:        Retrieving deletion log for '{0}'...

diff-deleted:              This revision has been deleted.
diff-fail:                 Failed to retrieve diff of '{0}'

reqdelete-duplicate:       The page is already tagged
reqdelete-tagfail:         Did not tag '{0}' for deletion discussion
reqdelete-redirectfail:    The page is a redirect and no redirect discussion process is defined
reqdelete-tagprogress:     Tagging '{0}' for deletion discussion...

reqdelete-subpageprogress: Creating deletion discussion subpage for '{0}'...
reqdelete-subpagefail:     Did not create deletion discussion subpage for '{0}'
reqdelete-logprogress:     Adding '{0}' to deletion discussion log...
reqdelete-logfail:         Did not add '{0}' to deletion discussion log

edit-fail:                 Did not edit '{0}'
edit-progress:             Editing '{0}'...

email-done:                Sent e-mail to '{0}'
email-fail:                Failed to send e-mail to '{0}'
email-progress:            Sending e-mail to '{0}'...

history-fail:              Failed to retrieve history of '{0}'
history-progress:          Retrieving history of '{0}' ({1})...

move-done:                 Moved '{0}' to '{1}'
move-fail:                 Did not move '{0}' to '{1}'
move-progress:             Moving '{0}' to '{1}'...

notify-fail:               Did not notify the creator of '{0}'
notify-unknowncreator:     Cannot find page creator

patrol-duplicate:          The page is already patrolled
patrol-done:               Marked '{0}' as patrolled
patrol-fail:               Did not mark '{0}' as patrolled
patrol-notfound:           Cannot find recent-changes id, page is too old
patrol-progress:           Marking '{0}' as patrolled...

protect-done:              Changed protection level for '{0}'
protect-fail:              Did not change protection level for '{0}'
protect-progress:          Changing protection level for '{0}'...

protectlog-fail:           Failed to retrieve protection log for '{0}'
protectlog-none:           No protection log for '{0}'
protectlog-progress:       Retrieving protection log for '{0}'...

purge-done:                Purged '{0}'
purge-fail:                Failed to purge '{0}'
purge-progress:            Purging '{0}'

queue-refresh-fail:        Error refreshing queue '{0}'

report-duplicate:          The user has already been reported
report-fail:               Did not report '{0}'
report-progress:           Reporting '{0}'...

saveuserconfig-done:       Updated user configuration page
saveuserconfig-fail:       Did not update user configuration page
saveuserconfig-progress:   Updating user configuration page...

loadglobalconfig-fail:     Failed to load global configuration page
loadprojectconfig-fail:    Failed to load project configuration page
loaduserconfig-fail:       Failed to load user configuration page

reqprotection-badformat:   Format of request page unknown
reqprotection-duplicate:   Protection has already been requested
reqprotection-fail:        Did not request protection of '{0}'
reqprotection-progress:    Requesting protection of '{0}'...

revert-cannotundo:         Cannot undo due to conflicting intermediate edits
revert-conflict:           The page was edited by ignored user '{0}'
revert-fail:               Did not revert '{0}'
revert-nochange:           The content of the target revision is identical to that of the current revision
revert-nootheruser:        No other user has edited the page
revert-progress:           Reverting '{0}'...

tag-alreadytagged:         The page has already been tagged
tag-deleted:               The page has been deleted
tag-fail:                  Did not tag '{0}'
tag-progress:              Tagging '{0}'...

sight-done:                Marked revision {0} of '{1}' as sighted
sight-fail:                Failed to sight revision {0} of '{1}'
sight-progress:            Marking revision {0} of '{1}' as sighted

speedy-fail:               Did not tag '{0}' for speedy deletion
speedy-progress:           Tagging '{0}' for speedy deletion...

warnlog-fail:              Failed to retrieve warning log for '{0}'
warnlog-none:              '{0}' has not been warned
warnlog-progress:          Retrieving warning log for '{0}'...

unwatch-done:              Removed '{0}' from watchlist
unwatch-fail:              Failed to remove '{0}' from watchlist
unwatch-progress:          Removing '{0}' from watchlist...

usermessage-duplicate:     A message about the same thing was already present
usermessage-fail:          Did not message '{0}'
usermessage-progress:      Messaging '{0}'...

watch-done:                Added '{0}' to watchlist
watch-fail:                Failed to add '{0}' to watchlist
watch-progress:            Adding '{0}' to watchlist...

warn-alreadyfinal:         The user already has a final warning
warn-alreadyblocked:       The user has already been blocked
warn-alreadyreported:      The user has already been reported
warn-oldedit:              The user has not edited since their latest warning
warn-recent:               The user was warned less than {0} seconds ago
warn-fail:                 Did not warn '{0}'
warn-progress:             Warning '{0}'...
api-help:                  No parameters in API query