As part of the Project Tiger Writing Contest, we welcome communities and user groups to play an active role in outreach.

One way we see this happening is to conduct onsite edit-a-thons in various cities inviting the local communities to gather for a day or two and write articles for the Project Tiger contest. We hope that face-to-face onsite edit-a-thons might be a good way for the community members to meet and work on this contest. If you are planning to have an onsite edit-a-thon for Project Tiger, we would be glad to financial and programmatic support. We would be excited to learn more creative ways of encouraging participation in this contest.

Please contact tito at for more details.

Onsite edit-a-thon section titleEdit

  • Date:
  • Venue:
  • Onsite edit-a-thon details:
  • Village pump announcement link:
  • Event page:
  • Budget and breakup:
    • Snacks and Tea: xx INR per person for xx times and xx persons = xx INR
    • Lunch: xx INR per person for xx persons = xx INR
    • Stationery: xx INR
    • Other: xx INR
    • Total: XX INR
  • Other support required: