Tito Dutta (Titodutta)

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Candidate details
In 2017, during a West Bengal Wikimedians meetup in Kolkata
  • Personal:
    • Name: Tito Dutta
    • Country: India
    • Languages: Bangla (native), English, Hindi
  • Editorial:
    • Wikimedian since: 2011
    • Main wiki(s): Wikipedia (En), Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia movement experience
  • Wikimedian since 2011 with ~299,000 global edits (~146,000 on English Wikipedia, ~800 article creations, ~73,000 on Wikimedia Commons) (see details)
  • Member of WikiProject India on Wikipedia, I spend a lot of time in maintenance and cleanup of WikiProject India articles.
  • One of the founders of WikiProject India on Wikidata (note although I was on the founders, I gradually became later)
  • Wikipedia admin since 2015 (see RfA).
  • 54,000+ Bangla pronunication upload on Wikimedia Commons (mostly to support Bangla Lexeme on Wikidata)
Team collaboration experience
Statement (not more than 400 words) I am an active Wikimedian, and a participant of different Wikimedia programs/processes. You might have seen my posts or comments on different topics on Wikimediaindia-l or Wikimedia-l or on Village pumps. Wikimedia Strategy is definitely the most important thing at this movement, and the Movement Charter is really crucial. I am showing my interest to serve in the drafting committee, because—
  • possibly I can add my experience and inputs in the process, and the draft preparation.
  • this will give me an opportunity to directly check and try to ensure that we have an effective and community-friendly movement charter.
  • bring forward/highlight the necessities of the affiliates and communities of India, and Global South (I am not really flag-bearing/flag-waving here, but this is the region/area where I have been working for several years now)
  • last but not in least, I believe that this will be a good learning experience.