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Hi Thogo, I wasn't sure with going in for an RfA to begin with not because of my work but because I felt i didn't know the community here that well, my home is the english wikipedia. In terms of edits counts on administrative tasks, I am a b-cat from strategy wiki, I did a lot of vandal fighting and was familiar with the sysop tools, theres is a link on the RfA page to see my admin actions. On the english wiki, where I have done vandal fighting and gotten anon user banned, etc as only an editor. My reasons as stated on the RfA page was only to help out here since strategy wiki is not that active anymore, I wanted to request the tool after I went to block an anon user for vandalism last week as a force of habit and realized I can't, thats when I requested the tools. Marking the pages for deletion, reporting vandals is a fairly longer procedure than blocking them outright which I found after others did the same before I could leave tags or comments. I withdrew my RfA until I feel that I am familiar with the community here to request them, I hope to live up to the expectations of a good community member and an admin eventually. Thanks. Theo10011 18:16, 15 October 2010 (UTC)