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My wikiname is Svenji, and I'm a Wiktionarian who began editing Wikipedia back in December 2006. My main project has been the Swedish Wiktionary, but sometimes I drift over to other editions as well. The Wiktionary project has fuelled my language interest for as long as I can remember, and I'm currently a Spanish student, with occasional hobby studies in Yiddish. Ayudame, por favor, simpre estoy buscando amigos para practicar los idiomas. I love linguistics, writing systems, etymology and migration history. Some personal goals are to help expose minority languages and to exterminate the myth among Swedish speakers that the language has a poor vocabulary. You will most likely find minor edits by me on Wikiprojects of possibly hundreds of languages. I think our readers normally search for very basic facts (short but clear definitions), as well as grammatical use. My entries should in the best of days include all the information needed to grasp the unknown, for a newbie or a nerd Face-smile.svg

Peace is always the goal. La paz es siempre la meta. Fred är alltid målet.

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