I am Superdadsuper. I am the "Founder" of Bible Wiki an alternative wiki encyclopedia on the Bible to Wikipedia. I will usually be editing something here or there or correcting Biblical facts. Contact me if you are interested in studying and writing about the Bible on Bible Wiki.

It strives to be comprehensive like Wikipedia, but only present information found in the Bible in our article content. One reason for this is that the majority who are searching for Biblical topics on the Internet, wish to know what the Bible has to say on the particular topic (i.e a person, place or thing) rather than what other religions do. Instead of giving all the arguments and speculations about something (whether or not it's true) we simply give the fact as it is and invite viewers to engage with us (outside of articles) for "speculation". Overtime with so much exposure to so called "mysteries" or "secrets" of the Bible (given through sources that mix in Jewish commentary and other religions like Islam and Zoroastrianism) people begin to assume these as Biblical reality. Most of all we believe the Bible cannot be truly presented neutrally. Matt 12:30, Prov 11:24, Mark 9:40, Luke 9:50, Luke 11:23 specifically discuss how matters of Faith cannot be discussed neutrally. Infact Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales said

“the biggest and the most important thing is a neutral point of view policy...It's a social concept of cooperation so we don't talk a lot about truth and objectivity. The reason for this is if we say we are only going to write the truth about some topic that doesn't do us a [darn] bit of good of what we are going to write because I don't agree with you about what's the truth. ... Anytime there is a controversial issue Wikipedia itself should not take a stand on the issue, we should merely [state] what reputable parties have said about it. "

Most of all I believe the Bible is not just a work of human hands. I am convicted it is truth and that is breathed by the mouth of God. While Biblical criticism that isn't "Christian only" is useful a wiki should not be the place. This only confuses the reader and mars their understanding of the Bible. The Bible can be analyzed just like any other book, but there is absolutely a point where there is a choice to have faith or to not. Superdadsuper (talk) 23:42, 27 July 2017 (UTC)