Who is this man of mystery? Go to en:User:Kyle Barbour to find out.

Once upon a time I was known as Blackcap, and as Snoutwood. You can see what I did in those far-off days here and here.

I have merged my accounts and have the single login of Kyle Barbour. As I understand it, you may thus safely assume that anyone going by Kyle Barbour on any Mediawiki wiki is me. Prior to this transition, I had the following accounts, which still have my edits attached to them.

My accounts
Site User name Rights
Wikipedia-logo.png Wikipedia Snoutwood Sysop
Wikipedia-logo.png Irish Wikipedia Snoutwood None
Wikipedia-logo.png German Wikipedia Blackcap None
Wikimedia-logo.svg Meta-Wiki (obviously) Snoutwood None
Commons-logo.svg Commons Snoutwood None
Wikibooks-logo.svg Wikibooks Blackcap None
Wikiquote-logo.png Wikiquote Snoutwood None
Wiktionary-logo-en.png Wiktionary Snoutwood None