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note re full listEdit

Here is the actual list (i.e., see table below). the funny thing is that, in my view, the minute that I'm still trying to figure out whether if someone like me actually proposed anything in any of these areas, to do anything specific, or to actually do something, there is nothing here that I can agree or disagree with. the very people who worked on these are exactly the people who would probably tell me that more discussion is needed, before we can actually do anything concrete or specific.

However, I highly recommend that all commenters read the action items on each page below, before commenting on this process as a whole.

also below is the actual navbox for navigating all of these pages, and recommendations, etc etc.


Title of page Summary of page Excerpt of key items
1 Promote Sustainability and Resilience focuses on strengthening existing human and financial resources. highlights ways to promote fund-raising, and ways to recruit volunteers for various functions. Example
2 Create Cultural Change for Inclusive Communities Example Example
3 Improve User Experience Example Example
4 Provide for Safety and Security Example Example
5 Ensure Equity in Decision-Making Example Example
6 Foster and Develop Distributed Leadership Example Example
7 Invest in Skills Development Example Example
8 Manage Internal Knowledge Example Example
9 Coordinate Across Stakeholders Example Example
10 Prioritize Topics for Impact Example Example
11 Innovate in Free Knowledge Example Example
12 Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt Example Example
13 Plan Infrastructure Scalability Example Example

just a thought. --Sm8900 (talk) 03:55, 22 January 2020 (UTC)

also, below is the nav box.  also, we can use the subsection below for any comments that people wish to add. 


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