User:Slowking4/Why i think the Heilman matter is a strategic mistake

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  • 2015 James Heilman elected to board with 1,857 votes 76.26% [1]
  • confirmed by board in July
  • dismissed by board in December
  • board can act based on majority vote.
  • 2017 James Heilman elected to board with 2,435 votes 80.76%[2]
  • confirmed by board in August


  • the board reversing itself within 6 months seems capricious
  • the board repudiating a community vote seems highhanded
  • the community seems consistent in the choice of representative
  • the board appears, in the fullness of time, to work with this member


  • there seems to be a disinclination, unwillingness to deal with conflict, in a forthright way
  • there seems to be a lack of listening to expert editors, who give negative feedback
  • there seems to be an unwillingness, inability to deal with people problems
  • there seems to be an ability to learn from bad outcomes after the fact