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Voici une liste des partenaire présent et potentiel de la Wikimedia Foundation, principalement les partenaires liés à l'hébergement des projets. Si vous désirez offrir de l'hébergement rendez vous sur volunteer squid sites pour plus de détails.


Main US coloEdit

Most hosting, including that of the core Wikimedia servers, is paid for by the Wikimedia Foundation and hosted in our colocation facility in Tampa, Florida.

Machines: 130 servers
Service area: Everyone.
Usage/bandwidth: 200-350Mbps, 1000-3000 hits/s | 150M hits/day (detailed stats)

French squidsEdit

Lost Oasis (bandwidth) and Jexiste (rack space), operating out of the Telecity Paris datacenter in Aubervilliers near Paris, France, are providing hosting and bandwidth for the European Squid cache service:

Machines: 3 Squids, chloe, bleuenn and ennael
Service area: -
Usage/bandwidth: < 1 Mbps.

Dutch squidsEdit

Since June 2005, Kennisnet is providing hosting and bandwidth for eleven servers located in a datacenter in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Machines: 11 servers (10 Squids, 1 multipurpose server)
Service area: Europe
Usage/bandwidth: 100-200 Mbps (cf. detailed stats)

Yahoo! hosting in AsiaEdit

Since September 2005, Yahoo! has dedicated 23 servers in its Korean facility for hosting Wikimedia's free content websites. See Yahoo! hosting.

Machines: 20 apaches/squids, 2 database servers, 1 general purpose
Service area: Some parts of Asia
Usage/bandwidth: 20-60 Mbps

Collaboration with other organizationsEdit

People who love usEdit

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Organizations and groups that love us or donate regularly to us, without any formal connection:

  • - An online answers service which includes Wikipedia among its 4-5 primary sources of information (in response to online queries). Run by Answers Corporation; now used by Google to provide related information about terms used in searches (replacing Loves WP; is the biggest sponsor of Wikimania so far (as of February); is planning to pay for an enhanced content feed (details to be finalized).
  • Clusty - A metasearch engine by Vivisimo which features an "encyclopedia" tab in addition to its Web, News, Images and other tabs; the encyclopedia tab simply searches Wikipedia. A surprise; jwales found out about this just before their press release.
  • - A static mirror of Wikipedia content with ads; one of the more popular WP mirrors. Jwales contacted them and a few others to request donations, and they agreed; they have since donated over $2k.
  • Yahoo - An agreement with Yahoo in late Spring 2004 added them as one of the search engines widgets offered for web/Wikipedia searching when our internal search goes down, and we also provided them with a feed of our articles (something we needed to do anyway). In exchange, we were apparently linked more prominently, or more effectively, in their searches, and have access to stats on how many clickthroughs we get from them. It's not clear how we were linked more prominently, but clickthroughs increased by a factor of 3 in the months after this agreement (and then levelled off). Details about an additional hosting deal (see above) struck in April 2005 can be found here.