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Test the Incident Reporting System Minimum Testable Product in Beta edit

Editors are invited to test an initial Minimum Testable Product (MTP) for the Incident Reporting System.

The Trust & Safety Product team has created a basic product version enabling a user to file a report from the talk page where an incident occurs.

Note: This product version is for learning about filing reports to a private email address (e.g., or an Admin group). This doesn't cover all scenarios, like reporting to a public noticeboard.

Your feedback is needed to determine if this starting approach is effective.

To test:

1. Visit any talk namespace page on Wikipedia in Beta that contains discussions. We have sample talk pages available at User talk:Testing and Talk:African Wild Dog you can use and log in.

2. Next, click on the overflow button (vertical ellipsis) near the Reply link of any comment to open the overflow menu and click Report (see slide 1). You can also use the Report link in the Tools menu (see slide 2).

3. Proceed to file a report, fill the form and submit. An email will be sent to the Trust and Safety Product team, who will be the only ones to see your report. Please note this is a test and so do not use it to report real incidents.

4. As you test, ponder these questions:

  • What do you think about this reporting process? Especially what you like/don’t like about it?
  • If you are familiar with extensions, how would you feel about having this on your wiki as an extension?
  • Which issues have we missed at this initial reporting stage?

5. Following your test, please leave your feedback on the talk page.