This is a mockup list of example topics linked to from the ESN Mockup.

Examples of things we may be able to help you with

  • Find out whether you can appeal or raise the matter at a higher level in wikipedia, and if not, to be told clearly that you can't do anything and why.
  • Understand what the sanctions meant and what you can and can't do as a result of the sanctions.
  • Find out in detail why your edits were seen as problematic and learn about the wikipedia policies and guidelines that led to the sanctions
  • Find out if you have a case against another editor if you feel he or she has done something wrong, participants here may be able to point you to the specific guideline or policy that applies.
  • A place to get detailed procedural information for instance what the terms in your ban announcement mean, and how they apply in your particular case,
  • Ask whether gray-area edits are permissible under a topic ban before you perform them
  • Talk about any issues you had with the conduct of the editors who took out the ban against you, and find out whether there is anything you can do about this. Remember that civility and harassment rules still apply.
  • Prepare an accusation or appeal for submission by weeding out unnecessary or unhelpful points and keeping the post within any required wordcount.
  • Ask for procedural support during an ongoing sanction discussion. Not a spill over of the discussion here, but advice in how to conduct yourself on ANI or AE. Examples: should I respond at all or is it best to not try to defend myself and see what they decide? This is a response I want to make in this ongoing discussion, is it appropriate or would it be seen as yet another violation of the issue that lead to the sanction discussion? Should I respond to this particular comment which seems irrelevant to the sanction being discussed but casts me in a bad light and I think may influence the closing admin?
  • Reduce admin workload by directing sanctioned editors to a dedicated forum. If you are an enforcing admin and do not have the time to answer your sanctioned editor's questions, send them here.