“being excitable/zealous isn't a problem as long as you know when to seek input, since it's the users who really get into an idea that make a project like this thrive. [...] his work here has been simply stunning... I don't know how many admins could survive without some of his scripts„

PinkAmpersand on Wikidata — diff

“he seems quite jumpy„

Vogone on Wikidata — diff

“thanks very much for using your script wizardry„

Delusion23 on Wikidata — diff

“I have no understanding for Ricordisamoa's lack of willingness to communicate here, [...] and he in fact even abused our rollback guidelines„

Vogone on Wikidata — diff

“I'm very impressed with the speed you made the keyboard shortcut tool I suggested, and your other tools as well„

Jon Harald Søby on Wikidata — diff

“You want to change other peoples software [...]. [...] I will crucify you if you would ever make an attempt. [...] You won't be able to make a trustable improvement. [...] You aren't a programmer, are you?„

PerfektesChaos on Meta-Wiki — diff

“You have been pointed out as being the merge guru„

GerardM on Wikidata — diff

“The issues with his failing to remove his flooder right against policy numerous times on Wikidata [...] do not inspire confidence in me„

Rschen7754 on Meta-Wiki — diff

“Ricordisamoa has always been a nice person in my experience„

Matma Rex on en.Wikipedia — diff


“STOP! Té hai fatto tutto sbagliato„

Steinsplitter on Commons — diff

“mi ci vorrebbe un Ricordisamoa personale da tenere sulla scrivania...„

Wim b on it.Wikipedia — diff

“Credo sia più facile comunicare col Papa che con te, di questi tempi...„

Elitre on Wikidata — diff

“Alleluia, sei tornato! Eri in esilio?„

Andyrom75 on it.Wikivoyage — diff

“tu ed Elwood vi meritereste quantomeno una barnstar„

TintoMeches on it.Wikipedia — diff

“Ritieniti fortunato che nessuno (io per primo che ero altrove) ti ha appioppato un blocco - che arriverà nel caso in cui ti farai venir in mente altre idee volpine„

Gnumarcoo on it.Wikipedia — diff

“ti diverti e [...] sei preciso quando programmi„

Wim b on Wikidata — diff

“Le tue azioni ritengo [...] un atto non condivisibile. Scopo di questo metodo berlusconiano sarà forse di evitare la collaborazione che viene da altri progetti„

Enzian44 on Wikidata — diff

“Grandissimo RicordiSamoa, l'uomo degli URL resolver„

Aubrey on it.Wikisource — diff

“Visto che non è la prima volta che sei richiamato per gli errori che fai dovuti ad eccessiva fretta e ad inesperienza, ti chiedo la cortesia di lasciar perdere momentaneamente il patrolling„

Dome on it.Wikipedia — diff

“se metti a posto gli script di Alex, ti facciamo una statua qui su source„

Aubrey on it.Wikisource — diff

“Tu sai di cosa stiamo parlando o dici tanto per dire qualcosa? Ovviamente non sai quello che dici. [...] Ahahaha :D mai uno che prima di spararla perda 5 dico 5 minuti per informarsi prima.„

Xinstalker on it.Wikipedia — diff

“Un geniaccio come te, più tempo si trattiene su Wikiquote, meglio è„

Spinoziano on it.Wikiquote — diff

On the Deep User InspectorEdit

“As the community in its majority [...] has disagreed [...], your tool is not consistant to this majority voting. This is understood as an offensive act against the intention of that voting act and the community„

Smial on Meta-Wiki — diff

“thank you for your tool, the visualization of the data is great and beautiful„

Sitic on Meta-Wiki — diff

“"Deep User Inspector"? If the point is beeing creepy, point made... it doesn't even has to be run„

Nabla on Meta-Wiki — diff

“Personally, I think this tool is great„

Steven Walling on Meta-Wiki — diff

“A large pile of personal data generates a large desire to use it. That's why people argue against data /retention/ in the first place, and not only against the use of data: once data is collected, and in this case made publically available, it is eventually going to be used. I don't think the DUI tool author is to blame for this.„

Johannes Kroll on Wikitech-l — post

“This tool is disgusting in my opinion„

Cyberpower678 on Meta-Wiki — diff

“In case it is going to happen that Ricordisamoa is forced to shut down this tool, I will register a domain and host at my Home Server. I am so happy that such a free solution exists„

Rillke on Meta-Wiki — diff