User:Rich Farmbrough/Kumioko note

Sorry to be such a pessimist Rich but you can't be surprised at the reception. Fram had been gunning for you (and all the other high out put editors for that matter) for years. He is a bully that preys on other editors and there are a lot of folks in this site including Arbcom that don't see it or don't care. In addition to that you have what is arguably the worst Arbcom in the history of the Arbitration committee on this site right now. Most of them are children and the rest rarely edit, so they don't really care about editors. They are just looking for another hat to collect or to add to their personal resume so they can find a job and move out of their mom's basement. They even think they can block me into submission or create edit filters to block me. If I want to edit, I will and there isn't a thing they can do to prevent it. And its all because I was vocal about abusive admins on this site and the Arbcom would rather enable bully's than to follow policy and encourage editing. This site has turned into the Encyclopedic version of a sewer. They specifically wrote your sanction so it would be impossible to follow. Partially through ineptitude and partially because they didn't have the "justification" before. They had to create one. Good luck all the same though, but they are going to continue to find a reason to force you off the site. K U M I O K O. 1Soldier2014 (talk) 19:32, 18 April 2014 (UTC)