last year's letter

Please use OTRS to send mails if possible so all of us can see who has been invited

Subject: [Wikimania] Invitation to speak: August 5-7, 2005

Dear <<title>> <<invitee>>

Wikimedia, the foundation supporting Wikipedia and its sister projects, 
is hosting the Wikimania 2005 conference in  Frankfurt, Germany (August 5-7).  
Wikimania is a global gathering of the Wikimedia community to discuss wikis, 
((large-scale collaboration, free content, internationalization, bridging the 
global divide, internationalization)).

We would like to invite you to ((be one of our speakers, present a paper)), ((as 
<<topic>> is a subjects that will come up a great deal at the conference)).  We 
would cover your <<expenses>>.  The audience will be around <<400>> attendees, 
and ((we have media arrangements with a local news group to will report on the 
conference all week throughout Europe)).

((Personal note re: speaker's subject area, why they are being asked.))  

Please let me know if you are interested ((in attending/speaking at the conference)).

  Wikimedia planning committee