User:Pathoschild/Wikia RC feed

This page documents a proposed format for the Wikia RC feed. It is intended to be very easily bot-readable, while sacrificing human readability on the assumption that nobody will use the unfiltered combined feed directly.

Every datum is separated by formatting codes (shown on this page in \x## notation); this provides a convenient match for bot delimiting, and could conceivably be used to improve human-readability. (This pages uses "normal", which is not visible to humans.) For example, in Perl:

@data = split(/\s*\|�[0-9a-f]{2}/, $rcMessage);


Bot-visible |\x0fevent=edit|\x0fdomain=en.wikipedia |\x0fpage=Thomas Daniel Winter |\x0feditor=TubularWorld |\x0fflags=m |\x0fbytechange=+4 |\x0fdiffid=199949258 |\x0fsummary=Standardized reference section
Human-visible |event=edit |domain=en.wikipedia |page=Thomas Daniel Winter |editor=TubularWorld |flags=m |bytechange=+4 |diffid=199949258 |summary=Standardized reference section